Find What Your Hole Needs - Three Pairings For Different Goals

Find What Your Hole Needs - Three Pairings For Different Goals

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As you explore pushing your limits in new and exciting ways, there’s always that constant nagging slut in your mind telling you to upgrade to a bigger size. Damn right you should, it’s thrilling getting a big new toy in for the first time! But as you’re likely already aware, simply reading “max circumference” on a product page doesn’t give you an accurate picture of exactly how your newest toy will push your guts around.

At Topped Toys we’re no stranger to sliding our holes around different shapes and sizes, and our own various Collections of toys all present different joys and challenges to our riders. I’ll share a few examples of how, regardless of their number and “size”, you can get an entirely different workout from one toy to another.

Spike 70 & Chute 75

Take for instance the Chute 75 and the Spike 70. From the outset, the Chute is 0.5” girthier, but its width is centred around the head, with a channel to let a partner slide their cock in with it. The Spike 70 meanwhile is a whole 4” longer, and its maximum circumference is right at the base; a long-straight taper from top to bottom. The soft silicone does let it bend and wiggle inside you quite nicely, giving it much more flexibility than the blunt Chute 75. While you may be able to take the Chute 75 as it is, the Spike 70’s increased length may pose a challenge if you haven’t focused as much on depth yet.

For a real challenge? Try both together-- plug with the Chute 75, and slip the Spike 70 in with it for an added girth and depth stretch.

Gape Keeper 140 vs Deep Space 130

Next, let’s take a good look at the Gape Keeper 140 and the Deep Space 130.

The Gape Keeper 140 is a smooth, sleek plug that nestles right in against your ass when you pop it in, locking in discretely with a smooth flared base. The shift from max circumference to the neck, where your hole will hug tight on, is rolling and smooth. It gives you some relief once it’s in, and gives your second ring a good push, popping it open.

In contrast, the Deep Space series is designed to be a two-stage push right through your second ring to stretch both holes at the same time. It has a tapered but blunt tip to conquer, but as you get half-way down the tip reaches your second ring, so you push down for a final pop, and it’s a long ride back down to the base which doesn’t give any reprieve upon arrival. Unlike the Gape Keeper 140, the Deep Space 130 doesn’t feature a soft flared base. It just stops flat, which feels like much more of hole workout! On top of that, its shape naturally pulls itself deeper into you, so it never gives your ass a break.

While the Gape Keeper 140 and Deep Space 130 are only 1 inch apart at widest points, the Deep Space 130 is a solid 2.5” longer and does a better job of wrecking both holes at once. Think of it as a Gape Keeper+, for when you think you’re really ready for a challenge! It scales down as well, so you could try the same with a Deep Space 110 and a Gape Keeper 116, for example!

Hilt 95 vs Grip 96

Finally, we have the Hilt 95 and Grip 96. If you’re already used to the Grip 96, you’d think a toy that is 0.1” narrower would be a breeze, right? Not quite. The Hilt 95 is the smallest in our line of knotted dildos, standing at 9” of insertable length with a 9.5” knot. Already, that’s 3” longer than the Grip 96! And while the Grip 96 has a straight conical taper from 0”-9.6” straight down, the Hilt 95’s head starts at a solid 7.5”-around that you have to straddle before you can consider the rest of the toy. The shaft gets up to 9”-around, then the knot pushes you over to 9.5”. While you can sit on the Grip 96 and let gravity pull your hole open gradually, the Hilt 95 presents varied steps that you have to conquer one at a time. And once it’s in? The Hilt 95 is long enough to press right into your second ring and lock itself right in with the head (knotting both holes!), something the Grip 96 typically couldn’t do.

The take-away is that all of our toys, despite their numbers and designations, present varied challenges and joys. When you’re browsing through our collections in a horny trance, craving a new plaything to push your limits with, be sure to read through the entire sizing-chart to make sure you’re getting the perfect stretch. We have plenty of different shapes and sizes that cater to your every slutty whim. That being said, using the same series of toy in a different size can yield entirely different sensations and pleasures, as well. A Deep Space 110 might be a real solid stretch that puts you in a total bottoming headspace, but you could also pop in a Deep Space 80 to clench on while topping to get you harder than ever. It obviously depends on the rider and their experience, but keep in mind what kind of play you want to do with the toy as well, not just going for the biggest possible.

P.S. Using clever combinations of toys can make taking something new easier, as well. Try popping in a Grip 106 and getting your hole warm and loose before pushing for the second ring with a Deep Space 100. A favourite combo of mine? Slipping in my Gape Keeper 93 for a couple of hours and running out to do my errands, then when I get home I can use my Hilt 95 to knot-fuck my hole into oblivion💙💜

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