About Topped Toys

The idea for Topped Toys first came to us when we were discussing the frustration of lusting over toys, but having difficulty getting them delivered to us in Canada. Many companies simply refused to process Canadian orders, or charged an exorbitant exchange rate, or charged extremely high shipping rates. Add our suspicion that toy manufacturers were inflating prices, and we decided to start looking into starting a toy company of our own.

Luckily, one of us is an expert marketer with an embarrassingly large twitter following. The second one has managed several startups and is quite the penetration expert. And the third one is a chemical engineer who worked in silicone medical device manufacturing. We had all the know-how we needed.

We began by pulling out our extensive collections of toys. Boxes came out from under beds, storage units, and the top shelves of closets. We catalogued half-melted dildos that we bought in college, plugs that we outgrew, and odd shapes that looked like a great idea but weren't. When we finished we had a list of what we loved about toys as well as what we thought we could do better. And, we think we did.