Proper Care of Platinum Silicone Toys

Platinum cure Silicone is a very durable material when cared for properly. Following the instructions and advice below will ensure your silicone toys will last, bringing you pleasure for years.


  1. Refrain from having Topped Toys come in direct contact with other toys. Contact with less expensive toy materials like urethanes, rubbers, and lower grade silicones can melt, discolour, or damage your toys. The best strategy is to keep each toy individually wrapped in a cotton bag or towel.
  2. Store your toy on a smooth surface. Avoid sharp objects or uneven surfaces as they may damage your toy or cause indentations.
  3. Toys should be fully dry before being put away for storage.
  4. Silicone can be cut by sharp objects or contact with abrasive surfaces. Tears in silicone will make your toy more vulnerable to ripping.


  1. Before using a brand new toy make sure to wash it thoroughly with warm water and soap.  We recommend a similar thorough wash after each use. Always dry your toys before storing them again.
  2. Our silicone toys are dishwasher safe, even on the sanitize cycle. Make sure to place the toy in a flat part of the rack that doesn't have pointy parts. Remove the toy from the dishwasher immediately after washing to avoid indentations from the dishwasher rack.
  3. Disinfect toys after each use by rubbing them with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  4. Some lubes (oils and silicones) can be harder to fully wash off. If your toy starts to trap odours or becomes tacky, you can wipe the toy with an acetone dampened cloth to clean off any residue on the surface. Make sure to wash the toy thoroughly after cleaning it with acetone.


  1. Water Based: Water based lubes are a great option for use with your toys. They are the most inert lube option, and they clean up easily.
  2. Oil Based or Grease: Crisco and coconut oil are popular oil based lubes that stick to the toy surface. Grease can't be used with vinyl or latex so be careful with condoms. Grease won't damage silicone.
  3. Silicone Lubes: While silicone lubes should not damage platinum silicone and we have never seen new silicone lube damage our toys, there is enough anecdotal evidence about toys being damaged by silicone lube that we don't recommend it. We expect that the damage reported by silicone lubes is not caused by the lube itself, but by contaminants that have gotten into the lube from prior use with vinyl toys. We think this is often a problem with silicone lubes because it's impossible to fully remove silicone lube without the use of a solvent like acetone. So, when you use a lube bottle in play with your vinyl toys, some of the chemicals from the vinyl make their way onto the lube bottle and stay there. Then when you play with the same lube bottle and your platinum silicone toys those chemicals are transferred over. Because the silicone lube can't be fully removed it holds those chemicals in place on your platinum silicone toys causing a slow breakdown of the material. The safest option for your toys is to stick with lubes that are more easily cleaned, like water based or oil based lubes.

Other General Advice

  1. NEVER use silicone lube with a silicone toy. High grade water based lube such as X-Lube is best for silicone products. Be especially careful when buying commercial lubes as many water or oil based lubes have a small amount of silicone in them. Read the ingredients carefully.
  2. Contact with other toys, especially lower grade plastic, urethane, and vinyl toys will likely result in damage to your toy. Experience has shown that such contact can degrade your silicone toys in more than one ways. Problems like toys becoming tacky, melting of the silicone, colour transfer, and unwanted odours are just some. Don't let your Topped Toys come in contact with other toys to avoid damage.
  3. Lube can create cross-contamination between vinyl toys and silicone toys. This is especially common when using silicone lube because it is very difficult to wash off. Thus, if you have contaminated your lube with chemicals from vinyl toys, the lube will effectively blanket your toy in those chemicals and can cause the silicone to slowly dissolve.


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