Gape Keeper 116

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Color: Blue Steel

Gape Keeper 116
Max Circumference 11.6
Max Diameter 3.7
Neck Circumference 8
Neck Diameter 2.3
Insertable 7
Gape Keeper 116
Max Circumference 29.5
Max Diameter 9.4
Neck Circumference 20.3
Neck Diameter 6.6
Insertable 17.8

The Gape Keeper 116 is a plug to be reckoned with. At 11.6 inches around, you're sure to feel it as you slide over the widest point. Once you've conquered the width your lips will still have to accept being stretched 8 inches around the massive neck of this plug while you wear it. The 116 is perfect for those looking to increase endurance for fisting sessions or to increase their capacity.

Putting every inch of the 116 in is a pleasure. Once you reach the widest point you'll notice the long shape of the bulb and gentle taper to the neck which keep the plug from popping in uncomfortably. Clench over the plug to feel your body suck it deep inside you. The similar tapers to the front and back of the plug also make it possible to ride the widest point.

The 116 is bigger than most people could wear all day, but we've had no trouble keeping it in for an hour or two. The soft material fills you without putting pressure on the wrong spaces and the shaped base is designed to hide under a pair of jeans. Choose the right size for you, then see if anyone notices.

If you're looking for a real mind trip, wreck yourself on the 116 then switch to the Gape Keeper 100. You'll be amazed how easily you can handle it after this monster has made space inside you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Fills you up

This is my favorite new toy. Perfect height & width, which gives the feeling of being totally filled up. So satisfying. Once it's in, I just want to keep it in as long as possible,

Game changer

I have loved all my Topped toys. They have all helped me progress in my fisting and toy play experience. The Gapekeeper 116 is a hard toy to keep in, and takes practice. The first day of getting this toy I was able to get it in and hold it for about 30 seconds. My previous biggest topped toys were the Gapekeeper 100 and Grip 115. They all definitely helped. But as I once thought the Gapekeeper 100 was too much, and now it’s become my go to for stretching I might do the same with the Gapekeeper 116

No matter the size… the best toy around!

Topped toys have allow me and my partner to expand our “horizons” ;) topped toys make it possible with great quality products. Soft and beautifully made. Best toy in the market whether you are a beginner or an experienced player.