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The Gape Keeper 116 is a plug to be reckoned with. At 11.6 inches around, you're sure to feel it as you slide over the widest point. Once you've conquered the width your lips will still have to accept being stretched 8 inches around the massive neck of this plug while you wear it. The 116 is perfect for those looking to increase endurance for fisting sessions or to increase their capacity.

Putting every inch of the 116 in is a pleasure. Once you reach the widest point you'll notice the long shape of the bulb and gentle taper to the neck which keep the plug from popping in uncomfortably. Clench over the plug to feel your body suck it deep inside you. The similar tapers to the front and back of the plug also make it possible to ride the widest point.

The 116 is bigger than most people could wear all day, but we've had no trouble keeping it in for an hour or two. The soft material fills you without putting pressure on the wrong spaces and the shaped base is designed to hide under a pair of jeans. Choose the right size for you, then see if anyone notices.

If you're looking for a real mind trip, wreck yourself on the 116 then switch to the Gape Keeper 100. You'll be amazed how easily you can handle it after this monster has made space inside you.

Dimensions (in)

Gape Keeper 116
Max Circumference 11.6
Max Diameter 3.7
Neck Circumference 8
Neck Diameter 2.3
Insertable 7

Dimensions (cm)

Gape Keeper 116
Max Circumference 29.5
Max Diameter 9.4
Neck Circumference 20.3
Neck Diameter 6.6
Insertable 17.8

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Selecting Your Size

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Gape keeper 116 and grip 126

Amazingly perfect. Perfect match with grip 126.


toy feels amazing. perfectly soft and great size!

Airton M.
Amazing Toy!

I live in another country and it was my first purchase and it arrived very fast, in 4 days I received it.
Great quality, soft, comfortable and the size is perfect as the website describes.
I went to try it at the same time it arrived and slowly I was putting it in my hole until I got all inside and making me have a delicious pleasure and milking...
Gape Keeper116 is the biggest in width I've used and it didn't cause me any pain, my hole was asking more and more for it all inside and I'm already thinking about increasing the level to GK128 soon!
Thank you Topper Toys, I am very happy and satisfied.

Ass splitting

I bought this over 2 years ago thinking I was ready for it... Nope! But after a long hiatus I resumed working on my hole with the help of the smaller GK's and the other day, I was bouncing on the Grip 106 and was like fuck it, let's give this bad boy a whirl! And H-O-L-Y S-H-I-T! Truly ass splitting! This guy is a monster but a gentle monster. Gentle because it slid in rather demurely rather than abruptly like a grip. But monstrous because it's large, girthy and tall so it stretched me out both wide and deep! Holding it is so huge, I don't know how some guys can take even wider plugs!!

Maurice R.
Challenge accepted.

I ordered the Grip 115 along with the Gapekeeper 116 on Monday and received them both on Wednesday. Wow! That was fast! I currently have a Chute 85, a Gapekeeper 100, a Grip 96 and a Erebus 105. Those were a step up from my largest toy circumference of 8.5” when I purchased them after reading the numerous reviews on the TT website. The transition to a 3” diameter toy was a personal goal that I’ve been unsuccessfully chasing for over 10 years. The Chute 85 was what allowed me to successfully, quickly and easily reach that goal. Using the Chute 85 in conjunction with the 8.5” diameter dildo that was my previous maximum, I was able to progress the the GK 100 and Grip 96. I’ve since been able to actually START sessions with the Grip96 and move to the GK 100 and can do 20-30 reps on each before progressing to the Erebus 105 that was, until today, the largest of my collection. That brought me to the next step on my “anal expansion and entertainment journey”, the Grip 115 and the Gapekeeper 116. I contemplated the Grip 106 but decided to make the jump to the 115 since it was larger than my maximum, Erebus 105 and I thought I might be able to slowly stretch myself to eventually accommodate the Grip 115. Boy am I glad I took the two size jump! Shortly after picking the toys up I was naked, lubed and ready for the larger challenge. Challenge accepted! After a warmup with the Grip 96, GK 100 and bottoming out on the Erebus 105 for 25 reps (my maximum so far, driven by my eager lust to get the new 115 locked in), I was ready! Thanks to the softness and comfort of the Topped Toys material, I was able to slowly work myself down the cone. As I pressed and slowly bounced up and down on the cone, I was amazed that I was able to feel the bottom of the cone just edging into my hole. It was surprisingly comfortable and VERY arousing to realize that I was so close to swallowing this HUGE plug on the fast attempt! I savoured the moment, edged back off and pushed down again and again to the edge of the cone, surprisingly just shy of locking it in. Driving myself to an edged frenzy of lust I sat down hard on the 115 and allowed it to pop in, seat and lock in my ass. I was on top of the world! I stood up, took several steps, and allowed the Grip to settle in place firmly and allowed the pleasure of its prostate stimulation and the simultaneous massive stretching sensation to register in my head. Without touching myself, a flood of prostatic fluids drooled from my cock. A new extreme anal stretching goal reached! A new anal sensation experienced! A hands free prostate orgasm achieved! After 4-5 minutes with the 115 in place and after catching my breath, I simultaneously pushed out while tugging at the plug, manually popping the rim of the 115 out of my now clenched, post-orgasmic asshole. I quickly pushed it back and popped it in and out 4-5 more times. I alternated several reps on the 96 with a couple on the 115. This went on for 4-5 minutes until the 96 left my stretched sphincters lacking. It was TOO easy to slide the 96 in and out (something I thought I would NEVER say). I switched to the Gape Keeper and almost hilted it on my first attempt. The pressure was SO intense on my prostate that I had a hands free orgasm. I was unable to completely insert the Gape Keeper and it protruded about 3”, with my second ring being unable to accommodate the new, larger stretch just yet without some “pleasurable discomfort”. I’ll keep working on that second ring with the Erebus before using the Gape Keeper 116 again. Now I’m beginning to wonder if the Grip 126 and Gape Keeper 128 are within my sphincter’s grasp, especially since the 128 is fractionally shorter than the 116. Maybe I can actually meet the requirements now to join the elusive 4” club! With the help of the incredible toys from Topped Toys, I’m sure I’m firmly on my way! Now all I’ve got to do is save my $ and place the order!