Gape Keeper 93

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The Gape Keeper 93 platinum silicone plug is designed to bridge the gap between the 85 and 100 sizes. Increasing in both length and girth from the 85, but without the deeper penetration of the 100, the Gape Keeper 93 allows you to continue your journey up the line of top quality Canadian made plugs.

As with all of our toys, the Gape Keeper 93 is made of medical grade platinum silicone. Our industry leading silicone comes in a super soft firmness, making our toys comfortable for longer sessions or all day.

Dimensions (in)

Gape Keeper 93
Max Circumference 9.3
Max Diameter 3
Neck Circumference 6.2
Neck Diameter 2
Insertable 6

Dimensions (cm)

Gape Keeper 93
Max Circumference 23.6
Max Diameter 7.6
Neck Circumference 15.3
Neck Diameter 4.8
Insertable 15.2

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About Colour Variations

Marbled colours like Forge Red have wide variations in the way the colours mix. These unique colour effects are the result of our hand-making process, and mean that your toy will be a-one-of-a-kind work of beauty. Learn More.

Selecting Your Size

One of the most common reasons customers inquire about returning a product is because they have ordered a toy that is either too large or too small. Due to the nature of our products, we are not able to accept returns because a customer has misjudged the size. Please pay careful attention to the detailed dimensions listed at the top of each product page to make sure that you are ordering a size that you will be happy with. If you are unsure which size is best for you, read our blog post about picking the right size for your experience level, and remember to always play within your abilities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
goto t.
very good

just size

Michael S.
Loved it ..

First and foremost my purchase went great. Notification were sent as it moved forward. Even sent me an email of a delay due to the holidays.
As for my Gape Keeper 93. The texture and firmness are amazing. Definitely filled me up but, I think I could have gone bigger. Next time I will go to the Gate Keeper 100

Great for the night

It's so much fun in the morning when you wake up totally relaxed and horny. I needed something bigger immediately ;-)

Joel R.
Love the stretch

I am new to Topped Toys and definitely have a secret anal play fetish (width and depth). I have been lurking on your site for some time now and finally got brave enough to order. I have some experience with anal play. I bought the GK 93 and 10. When I recieved them so quick, I was pleasantly surprised and a little scared, but I couldn't wait to try them out. The day I received them I tried the 93 without warming up. It was a bit of a struggle at first, but it went in. The toy was so soft and comfortable, it was awesome! I was going to wait to try the GK 10 after a month or two to try it out. I couldn't get enough of the GK 93 and I wanted more. I only waited three weeks before I tried the GK 10. After a bit of the GK 93, I caved, unwrapped the GK 10, washed and dried it. The GK 10 took a little more work, but it went in and it was so filling, yet comfortable at the same time...Wow how I loved the stretch! These two toys are top notch (5 stars for sure) and I can't wait to order again! I am thinking a little more depth like The Spike 105, Deep Space, or The Hilt. I love your toys so much and I know I will be ordering new toys very soon! Thank you so much for making the best toys ever and keep up the great work!

Krist A.
Good god

I seriously cannot get enough of 93, thank you for a perfect product