Erebus, the god of darkness and shadow, is Topped Toys' first fantasy dildo now available in three mouthwatering sizes. Challenge yourself to overcome the wide shaft as you slide down his heavily armoured scales and ridges. Relax your second ring and ride every inch of this sexy phallus to appreciate the HD textured features. Get over the widest point in the middle of the shaft for a slight relief as you rest the balls on your taint. Once you've made it to the base you'll love grinding on the p-spot stimulating folds just above the balls.

This god is good solo or with a partner. The heavy base and centred mass allows you to ride hard without worrying about it bending or flopping out. Grab ahold of the balls for great grip.

Don't just take it from us, let Switch Twink XL's glowing review of the Erebus 120 speak for itself.

Dimensions (inches)

Erebus 80 105 120
Head Circumference 6 7.5 8.25
Head Diameter 1.9 2.3 2.6
Max Circumference 8.25 10.5 12
Max Diameter 2.6 3.34 3.8
Base Circumference 8 10 11.5
Insertable 8.5 9.5 10

Dimensions (cm)

Erebus 80 105 120
Head Circumference 15.2 18.4 21
Head Diameter 4.9 5.9 6.7
Max Circumference 21 26.7 30.5
Max Diameter 6.7 8.5 9.7
Base Circumference 20.3 25.4 29.2
Insertable 21.6 23.5 25.4