Is The World Ready For The Deep Space 130?

Is The World Ready For The Deep Space 130?

The Boys
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The Deep Space 130 is a toy to be reckoned with. The blunt tip and near lack of taper for the first several inches are… monstrous.

Upon first inspection the Deep Space 130 is clearly a big step up from the 120. The extra inch in circumference adds a significant amount of heft to this already huge toy. And, like all of the larger Deep Spaces the first hurdle is getting it in. Because the mass of the toy is high up and the Topped Toys material is so soft you’ll find it tends to squirm away as you try to put pressure on it. But trust me, it’s well worth the effort.

Find yourself a chair height flat surface that you can grab onto. I use a square side table but a bench works, too. Put the toy on a towel to keep the base from slipping away and center yourself above the toy using your hands to guide yourself down. If you’re like me you’ll be able to relax enough to get the toy started, but you’ll need more than body weight to overcome the wide tip.

Once I’ve maxed out what I can do with body weight I check that I’m perfectly centered and grab what I’m sitting on with both hands. I usually position my left hand to my left side a bit behind me, and my right hand in front of me between my legs. I start to pull down being very careful to keep the toy from bending as it compresses under me. After a few tries I feel the toy slide a fraction of an inch deeper as it finds its way into my hole. Once I feel that I know it’s time to keep the pressure up and let the toy slide through my first ring as I relax my muscles. I wiggle the tiniest bit to help the toy pry me apart.

And then it happens.

With one quick motion the toy overcomes my muscles and slides home inside me. I’m momentarily shocked senseless. Literally wondering if the toy actually penetrated me. And then as my mind catches up with my body I start to feel the stretch. The amazing, huge stretch as the lips of my cunt struggle to accommodate the 13 inch circumference inside me. I’m not sure if I’m in heaven or hell. Or both. It’s confusing and amazing.

Immediately I try to will myself to hold the position while I attempt to take a deep hit of poppers.

But despite my efforts my body recoils just enough to let the toy pop back out of me. I’m immediately empty and desperate as my fingers move to feel my slack lube-covered lips. So I start back by re-lubing and centering myself over the Deep Space 130, hungry for more.

It pops in a bit easier this time because I know it will fit, no matter how impossible that seems. I remind myself that the wonderfully evil thing about the Deep Space series is that the taper occurs over 9 long inches as I make my way to the base. This time rather than recoiling I’m determined to double down on the toy, sliding it deeper inside me to give my pathetically stretched lips a break. So this time, after the shock subsides and my lips beg for mercy, I slide myself down the shaft. Sure enough my lips thank me. But the incredible fullness just moves deeper putting pressure on my prostate and abusing my second ring as I start to slowly bounce. Every time I slide up the shaft the HD texture combined with the increasing width drags my cunt out. I’m in ecstasy. Beyond what I thought was possible. Beyond pleasure and pain. Completely focused on this feeling of total destruction. I continue.

When I finally slide off of the Deep Space I can feel the result of all those lip dragging pulls. My cunt hangs slack and open. I check the mirror in a few positions and, sure enough, it looks puffy, open, protruding beyond my cheeks.

The Deep Space 130 is an amazing ride. As I shower and gently clean the lube of my well-used sloppy cunt I find myself wondering, “Is the human race ready for this level of pleasure?”

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