Designing the Hilt: A Lesson in Overloading

Designing the Hilt: A Lesson in Overloading

The Boys
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Every dedicated toy enthusiast knows about the endless search for the perfect toy. We spend our nights dreaming of the next size, or the perfect shape to rock your body and blow your mind. The Hilt is made from those dreams.

As a vers player with a love of BDSM, I’ve spent years learning about my wiring and the headspace of power exchange. Putting a sub deep into submission and exploiting their pleasure and pain to take them to new heights, and being abused by a skilled dom, is one of my favourite things. When I’m thinking of new designs these are the sensations and scenarios that are at the front of my mind.

The idea of a knotted dildo has long interested me. I’ve played with several that came close to my ideal, but never one that met it. It was in search of this that I assembled the Topped Toys team to design a knotted toy that would fill me like no other.

The appeal of a knotted dildo is the prospect of overloading. Overloading is when you push a sub to their limit in several arenas, both physical and mental. For example, my regular playmate often finds himself wearing a slutty outfit, impaled on my fist, with tit clamps on, and a heavy dose of humiliating verbal abuse as I direct him to assume different vulnerable positions. The appeal for him is that his attention is split between physical and psychological stimuli which all approach his maximum ability and ultimately drive him to a body-shaking climax. The Hilt was designed to confuse your senses in just this way.

First taking the Hilt might look deceptively easy. The curved shaft has a triangular cross-section with a gradual thickening that will massage your prostate just right. Add the HD finish and you might get sidetracked fucking yourself with just the shaft. But keep going to the beginning of the knot and you’ll feel the tip hit your second ring in just the right position.

The beauty of this design is that the shaft relaxes you, making you hungry for the width of the knot. At this point it might seem easy, but as you start to insert the knot you’ll see we had other things on our mind. Indeed, the more progress you make on the knot, the deeper the shaft will go through your second ring. This is the start of the overloading.

By the time I’ve reached the widest point of the knot it’s clear that I’m screwed. Unlike many toys, the knot of the Hilt is oblong. While the shaft is narrower and longer, the knot is wider giving your hole a stretch in the opposite direction. You’re going to feel this toy split you open in the best way. Pausing at the widest point gives me time to appreciate the extra-wide stretch and to prepare myself for the inevitable swallowing of the knot in full as the shaft drives farther into my second ring.

The first time I got it all in the feeling was so overwhelming I pushed it back out nearly immediately (along with a hands free cum). I was hooked. Over several days I worked on my comfort with the Hilt, slowly making myself hold it longer each time. I wanted to ride the knot of this beast, and with work I’ve been able to handle a few consecutive insertions.

The overwhelming sensation of holding the Hilt is amazing. Taking the knot fully challenges you to be penetrated deeply by the shaft. But if you try to reduce the depth by pushing the knot out a bit you’re immediately reminded of the toy’s width. As your body tries to find balance, you’ll find yourself overloaded and confused, and likely orgasming uncontrollably.

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