Gape Keeper 140

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Colour: Blue Steel

Gape Keeper 140
Max Circumference 14
Max Diameter 4.5
Neck Circumference 9.5
Neck Diameter 3
Insertable 6.5
Gape Keeper 140
Max Circumference 35.5
Max Diameter 11.4
Neck Circumference 24.1
Neck Diameter 7.6
Insertable 16.5

If bigger is better, then we've really outdone ourselves. Meet the Gape Keeper 140. A solid 14 inches around and a neck that's 3 inches wide make this toy one master of destruction. It might take you a few tries to pull yourself onto this one, but we promise it's worth it. Feeling it slide in and expand inside you is a real thrill.

Putting every inch of the Gape Keeper series in is a pleasure. Once you reach the widest point you'll notice the long shape of the bulb and gentle taper to the neck which keep the plug from popping in too fast. Clench over the plug to feel your body suck it deep inside you. The similar tapers to the head and neck of the plug also make it possible to ride the widest point for an intense session of wreckage.

Like all Topped Toys, the Gape Keeper 140 is made of 100% super soft premium platinum silicone. The soft material fills you without putting pressure on the wrong spaces and the shaped base is designed to hide under a pair of jeans. Choose the right size for you, then see if anyone notices.

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Selecting Your Size

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gap keeper, 140

Not ready for that gap keeper 140 yet It has a different shape and it’s quite blunt. No easy access for entry.
I might have to go back one size to prepare

A challenging ride - just do it!

Max Circumference specified: 35.5cms, measured 36.0cms. This is a “pull-down” toy for me! Gentle pull on the chair, as it eases up into my cavity. Body weight keeps it uncomfortably up there, and then I ride it slowly to open up my gash. There's a definitely sub space moment when you get it deeply buried, Feels terrific after a few minutes! It certainly wouldn’t stay there on its own, but a great toy to open you

Squish squash push pop

I ordered the GK 140 along with the GK 93 (for wearing long term) and after I’d conquered the Spike 125 and Grip 150, among others.

As others have mentioned, the GK shape means that even if you’ve taken something as large or even larger in a different shape (for me, the Grip 150), this is still quite challenging to work into your bussy. At first I could feel it just compress beneath me as I pushed down. I actually kind of like the frustrated anticipation I get while trying to press down onto a toy that’s just beyond me. (It helps if I’m confident I’ll soon be able to take it, otherwise it can just be discouraging - in my experience it helps to work up in gradual steps.) But I love that eventual sense of inevitability as my hole begins to open, slide over, and accept the mass.

Another aspect of the shape when compared to the Grip is that, once you can take this one, the ride is not so intensely ‘poppy’ when sliding over the widest parts - as I suppose you’d expect. I’m glad I have both the Grip and the GK because I like both kinds of hit from time to time or during a session.

Given the size of this toy, I hadn’t considered it a candidate for long term wear - even for just a little while around the house. But I’ve already been surprised at how comfortable it can feel sitting inside me. For now it is still overwhelming to retain it (I haven’t been riding the GK 140 for long) but I get the sense it will eventually be possible to enjoy holding it inside for longer periods - though I doubt I’ll be wearing something this large for a whole day out and about.

It seems to me that Topped Toys real strengths are in the right level of softness in the material and attention to shape. (Besides the product, the culture around the brand is also really positive.) Sometimes I want a toy that is firmer, presenting a different challenge for insertion and retention. Part of me hopes that TT brings its attention to detail to bear on working up some firmer toys, but I suspect there is good sense in TT sticking to their currently clear and consistent range. Suffice to say, I like the company and what they’re selling.

(I have no affiliation of any kind with the Topped Toys company - just an intimate relationship with their silicone.)