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Not sure what to listen to during your next session? Or just need some hot beats to get you in the mood?
Topped Mixes are a collaborative effort between the Topped Boys and our favourite DJ's to bring you sexy extended mixes for free. Each mix is designed to take you on a journey from warmup through a series of heavy beats staggered with recovery. In other words, designed to extend your next session.

Space Travel by DJ Kees Kool

Ring in 2021 and say fuck off to 2020 with this deep house mix by DJ Kees Kool and Topped Toys. Soulful harmonies intermix with deep beats to raise your play session to a new level. Take a ride on our rocket for a space travel journey into a black hole of pleasure and pain.

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Take Me There by DJ Kees Kool

This upbeat mix collaborating with the amazing DJ Kees Kool featuring sensual uplifting house music that's designed to create the perfect headspace. With over an hour and a half of varying intensity tempos, you are sure to relax and accept what's coming as We Take You There!

Lift Me Up by DJ Kees Kool

This deep mix featuring soulful house beats is designed to break you down and then lift you up into the perfect headspace for relentless rhythmic punching. By minute 20 you'll feel your resistance slide away as your punch tunnel accepts its fate. With over 90 minutes of continuous music, you'll be in for an intensely pleasurable ride. Now get on all fours and hold yourself open.

All Day I Dream by DJ Kees Kool

All Day I Dream is a uniquely crafted deep house mix with play in mind for all our followers and many supporters.