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Did you want it deeper? So did we. That's why we made the Deep Space, a plug that goes in wide and stays wide all the way to the neck.

The Deep Space 110 and up are all 9 inches insertable allowing you to focus on pounding your second ring with increasing width as you work your way through the sizes.

The tall shape of the Deep Space makes it ideal for squatting over and riding up and down the slightly tapered shaft. The wide mass will hit you deep and slither past your second ring. The grippy HD shaft will drag your lips out.

With a less dramatic taper than our other plugs, you'll likely have to practice to hold this one in. Holding it depends on your ability to consciously relax your deeper muscles. Or, in other words, to make Deep Space inside you just as this plug is designed to do.

Read some thoughts from the Deep Space designer on the Topped Blog!

Dimensions (in)

Deep Space 110
Max Circumference 11
Max Diameter 3.5
Neck Circumference 8.3
Neck Diameter 2.6
Insertable 9

Dimensions (cm)

Deep Space 110
Max Circumference 28
Max Diameter 8.9
Neck Circumference 21
Neck Diameter 6.7
Insertable 22.9

Available in these other sizes:

Deep Space 50 / Deep Space 70 / Deep Space 80 / Deep Space 90 / Deep Space 100 / Deep Space 120 / Deep Space 130 / Deep Space 140

HD Finish

The Deep Space is our first toy featuring the HD Finish, a matte textured surface that gives more motion feel and grabs onto lube, making sure it gets you slicked up as deep as the toy. HD adds a new level of intensity to riding a toy as it stimulates your lips sliding over the surface, making you aware of every movement. If you're like us, you'll be transfixed with pleasure as you slide up and down this shaft.

About Colour Variations

Marbled colours like Forge Red have wide variations in the way the colours mix. These unique colour effects are the result of our hand-making process, and mean that your toy will be a-one-of-a-kind work of beauty. Learn More.

Selecting Your Size

One of the most common reasons customers inquire about returning a product is because they have ordered a toy that is either too large or too small. Due to the nature of our products, we are not able to accept returns because a customer has misjudged the size. Please pay careful attention to the detailed dimensions listed at the top of each product page to make sure that you are ordering a size that you will be happy with. If you are unsure which size is best for you, read our blog post about picking the right size for your experience level, and remember to always play within your abilities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Into the depths

This toy feels incredible as it slides its way in and forces you open. It takes a little to get going, but once that ridge pops in your hole, this toy takes over and glides its way through, forcing your second hole open. And the texture as it grips your lips, making them puffy and sensitive, is a feeling weird cannot describe. This monster is a phenomenal depth trainer, and it will completely wreck you.

Great toy

This Deep Space 110 was a toy I kinda passed over when getting a few other orders in the past. Well it's about the only design I had yet to buy so I thought why not get one. Wow, it's another hole pleaser that really does go deep! a good texture also holds the lube well, so you can just ride in bliss. Happy to add it to the collection!

Secret S.
Bigger then it looks

After a lot of measuring of my other XXXL toys, I came up with a 'Do able size' you know a bit of effort but i'd get there in the end.
So I hit the buy button on the Deepspace 110 along with a 105 Spike.
When they arrived I was very excited, pretty much had my pants down before I'd ripped the plastic off the thing.
To my dismay no matter what i did there was no way that thing would fit, I tried on a couple of occasions to no avail, so it went to the back of the draw.
A couple of weeks later i was thinking, got out my measuring tape checked a few things and thought there is NO reason this beast shouldn't fit!
So with determination and a shit tonne of lube I set to work!
nope and double nope ... WTF ?
I thought ... this bloody thing isn't going to beat me!
One of the main problems I was having was it is sort of soft around the neck and keeps buckling to an obscure angle, so I grabbed the thing and held it with one hand contorted from the back, I held it in place and simply kept the pressure upon it.
Well blow me down! in it popped.
Yep it is a filler all right !
Now knowing the method to which it needs to be handled, it has become one of my favourite play things, pretty much to being my warm up toy.
I haven't been able to get it to it's full depth just yet! (about 1.5 inches to go) but practice makes perfect right?
As far as the feel, Topped Toys would be one of the nicest feeling toys I've used, just the right amount of give with the perfect amount of stretch.
The only problem I have is there aren't any distributors in Australia, well none that I can find anyway.
Big thumbs up from DownUnder!

Cannot be believed!

Bought the 90 and it was amazing... thought about the 100, but I wanted to make a jump. After nearly 30 minutes of non-stop depth training, I moved over to the 110. Holy fuck! These toys are the best on the market. Exceptional quality, wicked design... playing alone never felt this good... I worship these toys... you don’t need any others... everything is all right here. May your play be as rewarding. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

If I were Goldilocks...

I have the “Deep Space” 90, 100, 110, & 120 and absolutely love them all! If I were Goldilocks and the Three Bears came home and caught me in bed (if only LOL) I would say that the 100 is probably “just right” and my favorite. Great stretch at my pucker and continues in nice and deep enough into my cavity to feel freakin amazing!
Not a warm up toy by any means and not a complete ass wrecker - that great toy that you know will do the trick when you want/need it.
Hubby and a couple of buds agree 100%