Which Size Spike Is Right For Me?

Which Size Spike Is Right For Me?

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You want to go deep? We'll take you deep alright. The Spike Collection holds our longest, sleekest toys, designed to reeeeally slide deep and work open your second ring. Let's face it, we all dream of being able to take fists elbow deep, don't we? Work your way up The Spike Collection and you'll be well on your way to becoming a truly bottomless-bottom. But where do you stand?

While you begin your journey up The Spike Collection, take a look at our Depth Training 101 blog to answer all your questions about exploring your second ring.

Spike 70

Welcome to the family. The Spike 70's 9.5 insertable inches taper down to a 7" widest point, making it a toy that even total beginners can play with. It's got a smooth, steady increase in girth, so you can lay back and take your time getting to know every inch of it. With its pronounced tail ridges on one side and subtle dimples on the other side, you can really feel your progress as every inch slides in. Its smooth and slender tip approaches your second ring and teases its ay in easily, hilting deep enough to keep it open. The Spike 70 works very well as a long-term wear plug as well, as its widest point drops off to a narrow neck that keeps it locked in deep, stimulating your second ring idly as you wear it.  

Spike 90

The Spike 90 is a hefty jump up from The Spike 70, really amplifying its design with its added 2" of girth. By the time you reach its second tail ridge you'll already about two fingers wide, with a more aggressive taper that you'll really feel. Its tail ridges are even more pronounced, making each pop over them even more satisfying than the last. It adds nearly 3 inches in length over The Spike 70 standing at 12.2" of insertable length as well. When you slip all of The Spike 90 in your second ring will be held wide open, with ridges pushed deep enough to massage your second ring with every thrust. It's a new, visceral feeling having your second ring worked like that, one we know you'll get addicted to. Crossing that second ring threshold is unlike anything you've ever experienced before, so take your time getting used to the feeling of real girth in there. Our Depth Training 101 blog has more info on navigating these sensations when you start getting there.

Spike 105

If you're ready to take your depth training to a whole new level, The Spike 105 is going to be your new favourite toy. It's a decent leap up from The Spike 90 with an extra 1.5" on the base and 1.8" in length, but that extra girth really gets translated throughout the toy, making it much heftier. That said, it strikes a perfect balance between a girthy and deep stretch, while still comfortable enough to leave locked in for hours of sustained training. It's a lot more toy pushing past your second ring, which you'll definitely feel over The Spike 90. If this isn't enough to get you completely addicted to Depth Play, we don't know what is.

Spike 125

Welcome to the summit of The Spike Collection. Our longest toy. The Spike 125 is a massive tail stretcher that'll really put your training to the test. 12.5" in circumference, and 16" long. A whopping 2" thicker than The Spike 105 and 2" longer, so we can't understate just how much bigger this toy is. But that's why you came here, isn't it? To gaze upon its sheer heft and drool at the thought of it hollowing out your cunt completely. As you navigate your deepest reaches with The Spike 125, those tail ridges are even more pronounced and devastating, grinding your rings open with no mercy. The sheer overwhelming bliss of being fucked so deep is truly mind-melting, making you feel completely impaled on an entirely new level.

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