Which Size Erebus Is Right For Me?

Which Size Erebus Is Right For Me?

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You've arrived in Erebus' domain amidst a heavy air of dark and brooding lust... something primal, something feral, like you're about to be used up and entirely spent. But that's why you came poking around these ancient Greek ruins, right? You heard tale of some sort of primordial deity whose energy lingers among the cobbles and stone. Just your luck -- Erebus is right behind you, and it's too late to back out now.

Erebus 80

The Erebus 80 is the first size in the Erebus Collection, but it packs a serious punch. It's a hefty handful of monster cock, coming in at 8" around at the thickest point and slipping 8.5" deep. The HD Finish heightens the motion feel of the Erebus 80 and the rest of the family, making their presence all that much more terrific. At this level of Erebus, its gently tapered design pushes deep enough to stimulate your second ring, making you feel pleasantly full without committing to total depth play.

Personally, the Erebus 80 is my favourite starter-toy for bigger sessions, simply because it feels so damn good to ride. While I'm supposed to be getting ready for a session with my husband, I sometimes catch myself leaning up against the shower wall and just rapid-fucking this beast into me for 10 minutes just for a little me-time... Erebus 80 is not to be underestimated! I play with much bigger toys, but Erebus 80 always makes my toes curl in its own special way. Maybe that's just my furriness speaking because while it's definitely bigger than your average human dick, it's well within the realm of possibility for an 7'6" demon pinning you down. Woof!

Erebus 105

The Erebus 105 is a pretty big step-up from the Erebus 80, for sure. It's at this size that Erebus' asymmetrical shape really plays itself well, with a tapered tip that widens out a ton towards the middle of the shaft. Its ridges and bumps are even more exaggerated with the Erebus 105, and you'll really feel how much he forces you open once you sink all the way down and rest your taint on his balls. This puppy makes me gape for sure, as every ridge is a great lip-massager that really opens you up for more. Its intricate textures are a mind-melting ride, and trying it at different angles is an absolute treat to work your hole around. No single way to ride the Erebus 105 is the same as the last.

At a good 2.5" thicker than the Erebus 80, it's also 0.75" longer, which is enough of a difference to work open your second ring in a new way. Be prepared to feel utterly impaled by the time you take the Erebus 105 to the hilt. The Erebus 105 is a good bit sturdier and heavier than the Erebus 80, so you can plant this one down and really go to town and grind your cunt open to new levels. 

Erebus 120

Alright, this is where you're getting into the big leagues. The Erebus 120 is the original, and where the design really jumps up in terms of texture and intensity. On top of being another 1.5" thicker at the max and 0.75" longer still, its ridges, bumps, and spikes are way more pronounced compared to the Erebus 105 and Erebus 80. It features a larger shaft bulge down the underside and a new second bulge below it that will turn your prostate to mush and leave you leaking. It also sports a much more exaggerated set of spines along the back that really grind you open. This is taking you into the territory of total loss of control as its insane texture and girth force you open without mercy.

The Erebus 120 is one of those toys that I really lose myself on; I'm talking legs buckling, head back, leaning all my weight onto it to force it in deeper, fully and completely absorbed in my lustful desire to take it all. I can't say no to all of Erebus 120's pure hole-wrecking power, as it stretches me open further than any of my other toys. My husband has held Erebus 120 and pegged me with it a few times now, and good lord... I don't think any of the words or sounds coming out of my mouth were of any known human language, that's for sure. It's definitely a toy worth working up to, and it's unlike any monster cock you've ridden yet.

Erebus 140

Damn. You're hungry, aren't you? Erebus doesn't get any bigger than this, and it's a serious contender for the ultimate cunt-wrecker. The Erebus 140 is the goliath patriarch of the Erebus Collection, the Everest so to speak. Another 2" wider than the Erebus 120, the Erebus 140 should be classified as a weapon of (m)ass destruction. Its shape is more in line with the Erebus 105, just scaled up massively, so you can focus on bearing down on it and taking it all. Erebus 140 benefits from incredible stability at this size, so just sit on this monster and accept your fate as it utterly impales you. 

There is a subtle taper to the shaft after the wide halfway point, offering what you think would be a little reprieve from its girth, but nope. Erebus 140 is going to be pushing your hips out of the way by the time you've taken it all, absolutely obliterating your prostate on the way in. It brings new meaning to the phrase "rearranging your insides", because Erebus 140's sheer mass will absolutely obliterate your hole and leave you a quivering, leaking mess. It's a 3-stage fucker, from tip to mid-bulge to base, and absolutely mindblowing to grind once you finally take it all. Welcome to the huge leagues.

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