Depth Training 101

Depth Training 101

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For as long as I’ve been taking dicks and playing with toys I’ve heard the old adage “girth beats length!” repeated ad nauseum. I’d been hyper-focused on taking wider and wider toys, because seeing your lips pried open by a giant hunk of silicone, or a hunk’s giant fist, is the hottest thing ever right? Thicker is always better! While girth does drive me nuts and turn me into a subby little bitch (so much for me being a big gruff top eh?), length had honestly been something of a nuisance over the years. While I’m crazy about how thick my husband is, how long he is was a problem early on. It was honestly a little embarrassing for someone who “loves big dicks” like I do! When he really gets into it and slams me balls deep, he’s so long his head punches against my second ring. Of course getting railed more and more got me more accustomed to his cock, which ignited a craving in me I didn’t expect.

I needed longer. I needed deeper. I’d mastered his cock, so I can master any cock.

I’d seen so many videos of guys taking fists elbow (even shoulder) deep. I thought this was outside my natural ability based on how I’d been for the longest time. But being a part of a few “big toy” groups/chats, I took it upon myself to learn how to turn into one of these depth sluts like those I’d idolized. It took quite a lot of research, as the internet’s information on the topic was mostly anecdotal, but I can tell you now I’m comfortably taking my 14-inch long Spike 105 and absolutely loving it. 

“Shut up slut! Just tell us how to take it deep!” you’re saying, so fine. Here!


You’ve got to go back to basics. Consider it like “starting all over again” in that respect. Much like stretching girth-wise, we all started with reasonably average-sized dicks and toys and gradually scaled up from there. The sigmoid colon, or “second ring”, is a sphincter like any other. It’s a muscle that needs patience and consistent working out to open up, often from pretty small toys to start.

Do keep in mind that your progress will be slow at first, and it will take some time adjusting to the new sensations brought about by depth training. It may be uncomfortable, like a dull ache in your guts, but with persistence and care you’ll soon find this sensation turning into one of pleasure in its stead. It takes time to work that muscle into something more pliable and accepting of things coming from the other direction. This is something that you simply cannot brute force -- you’ll have to start slow and slim to avoid hurting yourself.


Entering uncharted territory brings a whole host of new experiences, challenges, and pleasures. It definitely pays to be prepared! 

When getting ready it helps to give yourself an extra-thorough clean. The sigmoid colon is supposed to keep things up and away until they’re ready to come down, so you’ll be opening up that gate against its usual function. Be sure you’re clean; it may take a lot longer at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. Of course, diet and timing play a large role in making things easier back there. 

Because you’re going deeper, you’re also going to need a lot more lubrication than usual. There’s simply more piping to get slick! Investing in a good “lube injector” or high-capacity syringe with a wide tip will make the job much easier to accomplish. You’re gonna want to flood those guts with lube so to speak, as inserting the longer toys will push the lube in along with it. As usual, stick to your favourite toy-safe lube, and go to town. When it comes to depth, there’s no such thing as too much lube. The difference this makes is astounding -- I struggled early on because I just lubed up the toy and my hole, but didn’t push any inside. Once I did, boom. Serious results.


For beginners it is mandatory to have long, tapered, and very soft toys to open yourself up. Depending on how much you can handle girth-wise, our Spike Collection is an absolutely perfect place to start (that’s where I started!). They’re sleek and super soft, so they’re able to accommodate every bend in your anatomy. It takes a gentle touch to get into the second ring at first, so make things easier on yourself. The bonus is that they’re designed with ridges down the front and back that feel good and help ease you open even more with their variable widths. If you’re already pretty stretchy, the Spike 105 is a fun place to start, as it’s not as long or thick as the Spike 125 but is a good bit longer than the Spike 70 and Spike 90. It tapers out wider than the previous two, so once you get it in it’ll do both your holes a service. That being said, the entire Spike Collection will open up your second ring no problem, so pick whichever is best for you! There are a variety of other depth-focused toys out there of varying tapers and lengths, but be cautious of their firmness. You want to be careful back there, so don’t ram something through that’s as hard as wood!


Contrary to popular belief, there’s not so much of a “bend” after the second ring so much as your guts form a “Slinky” (yes, like the spring toy) of folds. There are distinct “rings” of muscle that you can feel if you’ve ever fisted someone deep enough to go past the sigmoid. It’s incredibly hot to feel each muscle-ring slipping over your hand and getting into place. 

This is where patience comes in. Once you make it past the second ring you’re going to encounter some resistance that will slowly give way to whatever you’re putting up there. This is the different folds aligning themselves and getting into place around it, which in itself is quite the sensation. It will feel very different to the first few inches of your hole that you’re used to playing with, but you’ll come to love it very quickly. That being said, always listen to your body. If you’re meeting too much resistance to whatever toys you’re using, consider slowing down, downsizing, or taking a break for a while. If you go too hard up there, you’re definitely going to feel it, and it’s going to halt your progress for a while.



So, you’ve made it past the sigmoid! You’re getting to know your body, and figuring out how to wriggle deeper into your guts. The final step is to get yourself into the stretching routine you’re used to with girth, and applying it to depth. Mind your reps, mind the width of the toy you’re using up there, and slowly push your limits as you feel yourself getting more accustomed to your current toys. It might take a while, but you’re on your way to taking fists past your second ring like the slut you are. Of course, only you know your own limits, so play within them. If you have someone else at the helm make sure they know them, too.

The Takeaway

In the end it’s like any other stretch; lube up, take your time, listen to your body, and have fun! There really is nothing like getting your guts pushed aside from an arm or huge toy, so take all the steps you need to ensure you’ll be riding and wriggling for years to cum~ The toy going in is one thing, but feeling that giant toy slide out of you for what feels like forever is mindblowing. To that end, our newly released Mordax 115 is decked out from tip to base in thick rear-facing flares, making the pull-out even more intense! The journey is the best part, and you’ve got a lot of fun to look forward to. Have you seen the videos of toy-sluts taking huge toys until it bulges in their tummy? I sure know what my goal is!!

~ 💙💜

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