Which Size Deep Space Is Right For Me?

Which Size Deep Space Is Right For Me?

The Boys
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With 9 different sizes, there is infinite opportunity to start your depth-training journey with the Deep Space Collection and ascend up each step. But where do you start?

Depth play is a world of stretching all unto itself, with all new pleasures and challenges to overcome. We know there is a lot of mystery behind it, so we recently took to laying it all out in our Depth Training 101 guide. Whether you're drooling at the prospect of taking a top's arm well past the elbow or want to take your second ring even further, there's definitely a Deep Space to suit your hole. 

Here's a collection of experiences from some sluts who are eager to help you decide which toy is going to be your next. The Deep Space Collection has so many sizes to work up to, we won't blame you if you take a few home at the same time.

Deep Space 50

Welcome to The Deep Space Collection. The Deep Space 50 is the first size, perfect for introducing your hole to toy play, and the unique pleasures of depth play. This velvety HD Finish rocket will slip into your hole with ease, but will feel blissfully overwhelming in its texture. This is a great toy to start with, but be warned: you'll be addicted the second it slips in. Because of its narrower profile, this toy is best enjoyed by hand, and it's not something you can plant on a surface and squat on. Lay on your back, your side, all fours, or wherever is most comfortable, and ease it into your hole.

Deep Space 70

So you've mastered The Deep Space 50, and you're ready to really start stretching eh? Perfect. The Deep Space 70 is going to kick your training into overdrive with an added 2" in circumference. Being wider than your average dick it'll ensure you're plenty loose enough to take most guys, but we know you're not going to stop there, right slut? Right. Bear down on this 7" circumference toy and really start to work your ring and second hole to get slackened up and ready for The Deep Space 80. Because you know that you're not going to stop until you can take the Deep Space 140.

Deep Space 80

Now the stretch is getting serious. The Deep Space 80 is a milestone to achieve: it's almost as girthy as a fist with the fingers extended. As you work your hole over the flare, just imagine yourself ass up at the mercy of an FFtop who's just throbbing at the thought of punching into your hole. You've been training so hard already, and with this 8" circumference rocket, you're almost there. Go on. Push harder. Ride longer. Your second ring is about to give in and just become another hole to fuck like any other.

Deep Space 90

Already at the Deep Space 90 eh? Good work. When measuring your gains in depth the advancements can feel small, but when you step up from The Deep Space 80 to The Deep Space 90 you better get ready for your second ring to sing. The wide taper from tip to widest point stretches you open with ease, prepping your chute to slide down the magnificent 8.5’’ until you reach your second ring where the tip will tickle and prod you into waves of pleasure. Stretching your greedy gash deeper as you glide up and down this little red (or blue) rocket, the Deep Space 90 starts to really widen out that treasure trove of pleasure, turning you into a little depth slut.

Deep Space 100

While it doesn't seem like much of a bump up, the Deep Space 100 is really where The Deep Space Collection starts to shine. All iterations from here and beyond sit at the same hole destroying depth of 9’’ and really allow you to focus on the deep and wide stretch, helping you to unlock some of the deepest secrets of your body. The moment you begin the long descent along this shaft your eyes will begin to roll back as the HD Finish pulls at your lips, teasing them open in anticipation of what comes next. Where other toys will give you a gradual stretch along their taper, you get no relief with this beast. Once you get to the widest point, with your eyes already popping from the feeling of your gash being stretched to its limit, your brain pushes you to take just a little more and the relief of the plug will come. Silly slut, this toy's gradual taper comes after the widest point and if you are seeking that sweet spot you are going to have to ride it further down the shaft. Fortunately for your hole this toy has an extra .5’’ of length on the previous Deep Space to extend your incomparable pleasure. With a little work, that extra half-inch is going to change your entire hole. Take a deep breath as you feel it tickle your second ring and take the plunge as it blows it wide open. Pushing that devastating taper past the bend holds both your holes wide open. Do you think you have what it takes to hold this beast inside? Go on slut, go deep!

Deep Space 110

So, you’ve chosen the Deep Space 110. Congratulations slut, you are about to experience utter ecstasy as you decimate your greedy little (big) holes. First this toy stretches your lips to an excruciatingly delicious 11’’, making you drool and whimper as it slowly and deliberately stretches and straightens out your hole. Are you ready? Can you take all 11’’ of hole destroying girth past your second ring? The design of this toy doesn't give you a choice. As you sit back, your eyes go with you as they roll back and the pleasure washes over you. The soft silicone gives way and your second ring swallows the girth in an instant, holding you open around the girthiest part of the toy. The slow slide down will test the limits of your sanity as you ride the waves of bliss into the deepest recesses of your hole. Good job slut, you deserve a reward for your hard work. Now go get yourself a Deep Space 120 and level up.

Deep Space 120

Don't get so cocky, because The Deep Space 120 is a serious toy that'll put you in your place. Plant it on a short stool or elevated structure and get ready to bear down on it with all your weight, letting its blunt tip force you open to make you its bitch. When you get to toys this big, be extra thoughtful and deliberate in your movements -- but let's be real. You're going to be grinding down on this huge toy with only one thought bubbling in your perverted mind: "Give it to me". Your insides are going to have to accommodate a lot of mass spreading you open, so extra lube will go a long way at this point. Take a deep breath and pull yourself onto it, and once its flare pops past your second ring, you'll be left breathless and twitching with bliss. You've conquered this goliath toy... but there's still further to go.

Deep Space 130

Upon first inspection, The Deep Space 130 is clearly a big step up from The Deep Space 120. The extra inch in circumference adds a significant amount of heft to this already huge toy. And like all of the larger Deep Space toys, the first hurdle is getting it in. Because the mass of the toy is high up, and our material is soft, you’ll find it tends to squirm away as you try to put pressure on it. But trust me, it’s well worth the effort.

Find yourself a chair-height flat surface that you can grab onto. Put the toy on a towel to keep the base from slipping away and center yourself above the toy using your hands to guide yourself down. You’ll be able to relax enough to get the toy started, but you’ll need more than bodyweight to overcome the wide tip. Once you wrap your hole around its huge 13" circumference tip, it'll feel like you've been utterly impaled as it sinks deeper and deeper past your second ring. Try not to cum too fast once you make it to the base.

Deep Space 140

Go on, feel up your gash and bask in how loose you've become. After all that training, you're ready to tackle the king of The Deep Space Collection. There's only one more challenge for your cunt to swallow, and we know you're eyeing up this giant toy with hungry eyes (and a hungry hole). By now you know exactly how to approach huge toys like this, so double down on your efforts and prepare to enter the ranks of the loosest sluts on earth. This is what you've been training for.

The Deep Space 140's giant 14" wide head won't show your hole any mercy. What's the best warmup for a toy like this? A fist or two thrashing our hole to really make sure you're loosened up for it. Once you're able to take The Deep Space 130 with ease, The Deep Space 140 should slide riiight in with some force, pushing your insides out of the way and hollowing you out. Its huge head pries your hole open and mashes your prostate with every bounce with such an overwhelming force, all of your friends will be jealous of your gaping, destroyed cunt. 

You've made it, slut. Now get out there and show those bitches whose gash is the loosest of them all.

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