Which Size Hilt Is Right For Me?

Which Size Hilt Is Right For Me?

The Test Boy
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There's really nothing like a thick knot to drive you wild.

You've been eyeing up a Hilt for a while now, haven't you.. we don't blame you. Those strong carved features, that big knot, it just screams "take me, or cum trying!!" And yes, we know you furries out there are drooling to get your paws on this big boy.. our resident office-furry sure loves his ;)

But with 6 sizes in the Hilt Collection, all in quite different shapes, it can be a lot to take in (literally). Where do you start? Where do you want to end up? Here's a rundown on every size in the collection, so you can decide how you want to treat your gash~

Hilt 75

The smallest and member of the Hilt Collection, the Hilt 75 is the answer to all the needy sluts-in-training. It maintains a very similar form factor to the Hilt 95, just scaled down to a max circumference of 7.5" instead of 9.5". This puppy packs the same HD Finish texture, luscious curves, and tasty knot to grind on and pop over, so you better be prepared to have your expectations shattered when you take it for a spin. Hilt 75 isn't all bark; it's also got bite.

Comparable toys: Deep Space 70, Grip 80, Erebus 80

Hilt 95

Next up the Hilt Collection is the Hilt 95. Standing tall at 9" insertable length, even just its head measures 7.5" in circumference (the same max girth of the Hilt 75) so you better be ready for this upgrade. It shares its form with the Hilt 75, with a strong carved head and curved shaft leading down to its wonderfully swept knot, which is so so hungry to pop you open. With its length it will start to tease your second ring as well, leading to an intense fullness. Its HD Finish texture makes this knotted fantasy cock feel like it's far bigger than it is, so throw your head back and bounce on it like you're begging to get hilted like the bitch you are.

Comparable toys: Grip 96, Deep Space 90, Cetos 110

Hilt 105

This puppy is an upgrade in every way, so your cunt better be prepared. At an inch thicker and an inch longer, it maintains the proportions of the Hilt 95 while exemplifying everything amazing about it. Coming in even longer than the Hilt 115, the Hilt 105 is a challenge all on its own. The shaft's thick belly ridge protrudes even further out, mashing your prostate along the way as you sink down the shaft on your way to its knot. Even then, the knot proves to be even more devious. Its front ridge is also heavier, making its pop even more intense and brain-melting than you expect. 

Comparable toys: Grip 106Deep Space 110

Hilt 115

Alright, now you're getting into the big leagues. The hefty Hilt 115 dwarfs the Hilt 95 in height and girth, with a more pronounced difference in shaft and knot. The shaft clocks in at 9.5" in circumference, so if you've mastered the Hilt 95, it'll be like taking a whole one of those before you even hit the knot.. you're drooling just thinking about it, we know. There's a bit more of a sweep to the knot, starting earlier up the shaft. With the sheer size jump, you'll need the help (or maybe you won't.. slut). At this length its arrow-carved head will pop your second ring open, practically knotting both your gash -and- second ring once you hilt it. It's a truly mind-blowing experience to be pried open so extremely. Once you've mastered the Hilt 115 and you're knot-fucking your brains out on this HD Finish beast on a daily basis, you're ready for the true Alpha Dog of them all.

Comparable toys: Erebus 105, Mordax 105, Deep Space 120

Hilt 125

Be aware, this puppy hits hard. Real hard. The Hilt 125 maintains the same max shaft circumference as the Hilt 115, but everything else about this canid fantasy cock is bigger. It adds another inch to the knot, another 3/4ths inch of insertable length, and even the neck is 8" around, 1/2 an inch bigger than the entire Hilt 75. Good luck finding any reprieve for either holes once you knot the whole thing... your second ring will be at the mercy of its sheer length, being worked open by the Hilt 125's head, while your puss is at the mercy of the giant knot. The HD Finish texture heightens every sensation, with its strong carved features and massive knot letting you play for depth -and- width to the extreme. 

Comparable toys: Erebus 120, Spike 125, Mordax 115

Hilt 135

The Hilt 135. You made it. There's no greater Hilt to conquer. The culmination of all aspects of the Hilt Collection's philosophy. Just when you thought the Hilt 125 was enough of a challenge, we upped the stakes. You keep getting looser, so we keep making things to keep your gaping cunt filled and satisfied. Stacked up against the Hilt 125, it sports a thicker shaft, knot, and neck, but it's got a trick up its sleeve. It saves an inch in its insertable length, which at 9.5" is still not for the faint-of-hole. When you bear down on Hilt 135, you can focus on conquering that incredible knot and heavenly shaft without it being too much depth on top of it. But don't think you're getting off easy -- Hilt 135 will pry your second ring wide open and leave you feeling utterly impaled, unlike anything you've ever ridden before. It truly is a piece of art. We know you'll be begging for a Hilt 145 before long...

Comparable toys: Erebus 140Mordax 135

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