Deep Space: Design Guidelines of This Tantalizing Ice Breaker

Deep Space: Design Guidelines of This Tantalizing Ice Breaker

The Boys
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When I designed The Deep Space I had a few very specific sensations in mind. Things I desperately wanted in a toy but hadn’t yet found. I was torn between a plug and a dildo. There were things I wanted in a dildo that I hadn’t found. And there were things in plugs I didn’t want to give up.

I’m a huge width slut. I love getting to the widest point on a plug and just holding it there enjoying the feeling of my lips stretched tight around the mass of a plug. Sometimes you just want to stretch to the max and stay there. With regular plug shapes, the widest point isn’t long enough to grind on, you’re either working up to it or past it. That kind of stretch is great, but for The Deep Space, I didn’t want to give my hole much of a rest after passing the widest point. That’s why the taper on this toy is minimal and very, very long. While you’ll definitely know when you pass the widest point because it will pop in, you’ll quickly find that your hole remains nearly as stretched once you’re past it. You can only truly find reprieve by taking it to the base, and even then it’s not much. The Deep Space is designed to take your situation from bad to worse, in the best possible way.

I love the feeling of my body sucking a plug in. That’s why most cylindrical dildos end up boring me very quickly. My preferred solo session consists of me getting past the widest point on a plug and then standing and allowing my muscles to suck it in to the full depth. Because the taper of The Deep Space occurs over the entire insertable length, you’ll find yourself in a deliciously erotic struggle to try to suck it in. In fact, you might not even be able to hold it until you train yourself to really relax those deeper muscles. Luckily we’ve made The Deep Space in 8 sizes, with the first 3 being progressively longer so you can start at your comfort level. From the Deep Space 100 up the insertable length is constant but the width increases.

I’ve also been working on pulling bigger, sloppier, puffier lips out of myself. The long reverse taper on The Deep Space combined with the grippy HD Texture is specifically designed to allow you to ride it hard like a dildo resulting in some massively trashed pulled-out lips. And who doesn’t love a set of low-hanging lips? This toy will trash you in a beautiful way.

Many long dildos are simply too long to enjoy. There’s something special about fully hilting a deep toy and feeling the base slap against your cunt. The depth of The Deep Space, at 9 inches, is definitely going to challenge most of you. But it’s not so long that you will find yourself frustrated. Most of you can ride this toy to fully hilted victory with training. The first four sizes of 50, 70, 80, and 90 gradually increase in length. Once you’ve reached full depth on the 100 you can start widening with the 110, 120, and, 130.

I struggle with a lot of depth toys. Many designs place the widest point near the base with a pointy tip. This doesn’t work for me. As previously mentioned, I’m a huge width slut, so I pretty much won’t feel anything narrower than 9 inches in circumference. A long tapered toy doesn’t even register in my cunt until it’s most of the way in, and even then it doesn’t stretch me so I don’t really enjoy it. The Deep Space goes in the same way that I like to take a fist: blunt and flat and without mercy. Another issue with a pointy depth toy is that the point tends to poke me (or at least I’m scared of it poking me). The ice breaker head of The Deep Space is designed to separate your insides as it slides in rather than snaking through them. This is probably a personal preference, but if you’re like me and you dream of wide fists going in clenched then you’ll love this shape.

The Deep Space isn’t just for width sluts like me. My top loves to get harnessed with the Deep Space 100, put me on all fours on his lap, and fist me until they cum. With sizes starting at 7 inches around and 6.5 inches insertable, this plug/dildo hybrid has a lot of pleasure to offer every ability level.

The Deep Space comes in sizes 5070, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120130, and 140. See the full collection for yourself.

If big toys tickle your interest and you wanna know a little more about this fun new design from a local slut, head over to the blog and read his review of the Deep Space 130!

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