The Innovative HD Finish - A review by @COexploring

The Innovative HD Finish - A review by @COexploring

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HD Edition Topped Toys: A Wild Ride

Ok so first off, let's start with opening the box. Until you get the packaging off the toy, it appears deceptively like a standard Topped Toy: brilliantly blue (or the mystifyingly fun swirled black clouds in a sea of red) and hole wateringly soft and squishy. Inside that clear protective wrapper is a whole new world though, as the toy isn't rubbery smooth silicone-like standard Topped Toys. The HD finish leaves the toy less glossy looking and much more velvety to the touch.

I (sadly) received my HD finish toy in the middle of a busy work week and it sat around a couple of days gathering intrigue before I took the plunge on my first day off. After prepping, I lubed up the toy and my insides a little and started the descent. Right from the start, I discovered this is not a toy for the mentally unprepared. That smooth, velvety finish is as amazing at holding lube, and keeping the toy slippery, as it is at overloading you with sensation as it eases ever deeper. I had to pause 3 times before it went in to let sensations settle as it pried open my week-long neglected butt. (First-timer tip: warm up with something a little bigger the first time so your hole more willingly accepts the intruder. As you get a feel for your reaction to the sensation, experiment with warm ups with smaller toys or no toys at all.)

Once the toy was in though, the fun continues. Your insides aren't actually smooth, they've got a similar texture that's normally smooth to the touch but on this toy the two textures mesh together and you're in for an experience. The new texture dramatically increases the contact area of the toy surface, packing a lot more sensation into a lot less space. Once in, that added sensation was enough to make my body try to push it out 3 times before mostly settling on it. Once I stopped pushing out I made a new discovery: have you ever been able to feel every minute shift of your body, every beat of your pulse, every throb of your dick.... with a toy? That added texture that makes this toy so intense to slide in also means every little motion of anything in your body or near your groin makes the toy shift ever so slightly inside and causes a cascade of feeling as the velvety surface of the toy shifts around that of your hole.

I'm so excited I got to try out the HD texture myself and I can't wait to see how it blows the minds of those of you trying out Deep Space for the first time or any of the many toys sure to follow that will be available in the brand new HD mind-blowing texture!


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