Which Size Grip Is Right For Me?

Which Size Grip Is Right For Me?

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How to Choose the Right Fit

Selecting the right size toy for your ability level and your goals is an important part of your purchase. Get a toy that’s too small and you’ll quickly wish you’d gone bigger. Pick a toy that’s too big and you might find it relegated to that “box of mistakes” that you keep under your bed. Whatever you do, make sure you’re always playing safely within your limits. It’s better to work toward a goal safely than to push yourself too hard and find you have to take a long break. Use the information below to help you make the best decision for your pleasure.

The Grip is amazing for focusing the stretch and destruction on your first ring without filling you up deep like some other shapes. Its soft platinum silicone starts with a fine rounded point, maintaining a steady taper down to its widest point. The flare rolls down quickly to a wide neck, forcing your hole to adjust to the sudden girth change and working it hard with every bounce.

The Grip Collection is also great for long term wear because it locks into place and the lovely base sits flush with your cheeks! 

Just check out how @pupkibbles has turned his hole into a gaping mess working up through this collection. But where should you start? Read on to learn all about each size of The Grip collection. 

The Grip 80

If you’re new to stretching, start with the Grip 80. It’s wider than a dick, but thanks to our super soft platinum silicone these toys are gentler on the entry. Every plug in this series is designed to pop in and stay put so you’ll be able to slip this in under your favourite pair of underwear or speedo and get on with your day. All while feeling deliciously open right where it counts.

The Grip 96

Step up to the Grip 96 if you dare. At 9.6 inches around and 3 inches wide this plug is a real stretch. But it’s still plenty comfortable and easy to hold!

The Grip 106

Break the 10 inch circumference barrier with the Grip 106. Once you’re comfortable with this size you’re likely ready to take a shallow fist through your first ring. Even if you can't, there's probably no going back at this point. Why is there no going back? Because you'll be already addicted and won't be able to stop.

The Grip 115

Slide over the Grip 115 and you’ll really start to appreciate how the massive neck on this series splits your cheeks apart for a sexy look under a speedo. Suck it in tight for an incredibly slutty flush base that just holds in place. Push it out and you’ll see some real lip destruction.

The Grip 126

Welcome to the 4 inch club. That’s right, you’ve now reached the point of taking plugs that are 4 inches wide. You made it slut. Holding the 126 for longer periods is tough but it does a real number on your hole. Try repetitions spitting it out and be amazed at how slack your lips become. You’re sure to be addicted.

The Grip 134

You thought 4 inches wide would be enough, but those reps on the 126 have just gotten too easy. It’s time for more. The Grip 134 will blow your mind when it pops in and when it pops out. Get stuck on this one.

The Grip 134 has this crushing fun element to it. It grinds my pussy when as it pops in and then locks in place. It is both gentle yet quite the amazing wrecking feeling to push it out.

The Grip 144

A real monster at 14.4 inches around, The Grip 144 is a professional level toy. You may need to pull yourself onto this size but it is definitely worth the struggle. You’ll feel yourself impaled like never before as the quick taper on this one locks it right into place. This is not a toy for beginners. The Grip 144 is absolutely a jump up in both size and level from The Grip 134. It hits a bit deeper too. It's a toy that will definitely get you ready for double fisting.

The Grip 150

This step up from The Grip 144 measures a transformational 15 inches around. If you’re desperate for destruction you’ll love the helpless feeling of being impaled on this monster. Taking the 150 is amazing, with deeper penetration and a longer neck for extra pleasure and torture. This toy will solidify the gains you've made with The Grip 144 and take them that extra mile.

The Grip 160

The Grip 160 is the penultimate plug in the Grip Collection, at a staggering 16 inches in circumference. Enough sluts mastered The Grip 150 and have been begging for bigger entries into the collection, so of course we had to oblige. As your lips wrap around its huge flare and neck, it'll leave your legs quivering and heart pumping as your hole accommodates something so unbelievably massive.

The Grip 170

This is it. The Grip 170. You've worked so hard to get your puss so loose, you deserve to take it one step farther and say goodbye to having a tight hole ever again. This unbelievable 17 inch circumference cone plug is the definition of backdoor destruction. For the sluts who scoff at taking two fists, we've got a real challenge for you. Show us that you're made of.


Here's what one of our favourite sluts @pupkibbles has to say about his Grips:

The Grip 134 

Get use to this one, the toy will become your daily rider, it will leave your cunt begging for more. It will leave your lips puffy and pulling out your rosebud. The way your hole should be puffy & gaping rose. Soon you will be riding this toy and walking around your space feeling every little movement and pleasure as it radiates throughout your pussy

The Grip 144 

This toy is a force to be reckon with, the jump from the 134 is one not to be taken lightly. You did amazing work with 134 but it’s now to really wreck you hole and turn it into that massive gaping cunt you fantasy of in your nightly dreams. This toy left my pussy broken and well used (or abused) each time I rode 144 it wanted more and more the next time. This toy will take time to get use too, don’t be scared if it takes time to get in. In combination with Grip 134 your hole will break and accept its fate and surrender to the powers of 144. 

Once Grip 144 pops in, it will lock in your hole and your body may try to push it out but your hole will be locked on to it tight It will be latched on because it knows its fate to be stretched to the max with this professional level toy. 

The Grip 150

Moving up to the Grip 150 was a challenge in itself, this toy is not for beginners, I repeat this toy is not for beginners. Moving up from the Grip 144 to the 150 is a big step. At over a half inch extra is a jump for any level of player. When I first got Grip 150 in after many days of trying and in practice with Grip 144, the pop that followed is be on words. You thought the pop & lock of Grip 144 was big, wait till Grip 150 locks into your cunt. After several more days of getting Grip 150 slid in, the numb feeling of openness and gape was like nothing I had experienced before. The massive lip on Grip 150 leaves my pussy lips dragging open, puffy and utterly broken. In also due part, it leaves my rosebud hanging out and equally as trashed and open. 

Then came something I was not expecting after using Grip 150 and in combination with my other Topped Toys and a few others as well. One day as I was doing about 400 reps on Grip 150, all the sudden it locked in deeper than before, it was almost like a second locking in. So, it was as followed, the pop going in, very shortly a lock in feeling then a few seconds later a second locking in feeling a tad deeper. This time sending leg shaking pleasure signals throughout my pussy. To release this massive toy, was like nothing before and once out, the true openness feeling we desire was settling in leaving my pussy quivering and begging for it again and again till I was waddling way and not walking straight because it has truly broken my pussy. 

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