The Grip: My Perfect Trainer - By Pup Kibbles

The Grip: My Perfect Trainer - By Pup Kibbles

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The following is based on personal experience and learning from many rides & reps on the Grip series of toys. Understand that everyone’s body is different and will need a training plan that meets their body, ability, and goals. 

The Grip is a cone-shaped plug designed to really pop into place and be a challenge to remove. That’s why you see a dramatic tapering to the neck. You’ll understand what I mean when it pops into place. The tight taper also makes the base of this plug look delicious with your lips stretched around it. The combination of these traits on the Grips will transform your hole from the first insertion until the last rep of the day or play session. 

When setting up a training plan with grips, think about what your goals are, to wear it as a plug or to ride this toy till the cows come home. Your goals will determine the route of training you want to take.

Grip Plugging

When plugging with a Grip, be aware that these are not your average plugs, because they are perfectly shaped. Grips lock into place and remain in your hole leaving you loose and quivering for more. The cone shape focuses the stretch lower in your hole than some of the other Topped Toys. A good baseline stretch training starts with the Grip 96, possibly in combination with a Gape Keeper plug - For more on the Gape Keeper and Grip training read our blog. As with any plugging routine, listen to your body and plug as long as is comfortable. It’s not a competition, if you can only plug for 20 to 30 minutes at a time that is totally fine. As your body gets used to (and by) the plug it will allow you to stretch longer and longer. As holding the 96 gets easier, you can start to mix in a larger Grip like the 106 or even the 126 or bigger. Plugging takes time and patience, so don’t get worried if you do not see results overnight. Generally the slower you take your training, the prettier the result will be.

Repetition & Riding

This is where most will see the destructive potential of the Grip. Riding over the taper of the Grip, feeling it pop in and out of your hole, pulling on your lips, the full feeling of wreckage will leave your hole wanting more and hanging wide open. This is why I enjoy the Grips so much and use them as my daily trainers. Training with these toys is like no other experience I have had with any of my other toys (I have quite a few, probably too many, can never have too many toys though). The way the Grip leaves my hole is hard to put into words. 

So, what is my training plan like you may ask? Well, it was created with total wreckage in mind from a few friends who wanted to encourage my slutty ways. We started several months ago with the Grip 126. For the first several days I was doing 50 reps a day, which quickly increased to 100. As the days passed and the reps became easier I increased to several hundred pushing myself farther each time. Within a month I had made it to 1,000 reps in a session. Getting to this point took patience and hard work. You will feel it for sure and some days I did less than I had planned. Listening to my body was critical in gauging how hard to push, and even on days when I had to stop short I made up for it in the following days. As I maxed out my reps on the 126 I knew I needed a bigger size, the Grip 134

The Grip 134, at 13.4 inches around, is a definite step up from the 126. But I knew my hole was up to the challenge. I started by mixing the 134 into my routine with 126 during the first week, starting again with 50 reps, then increasing until I was matching the 126 in number of reps. By this time I was averaging 400-800 reps per day with the combination of the two toys. These ASSignments, as they soon became to be known, were given to me by my handler (Yes, I’m a pup). My handler allowed me some lighter rep days in order to mix in other toys to keep it interesting. But he made sure I had plenty of solid Grip reps to leave my hole busted. 

When Topped Toys came out with the Grip 144 and later 150 I followed the same training plan, adding in the larger size with more and more reps every day until I was comfortable on the new size. Since then I’ve graduated to a plugging and rep combination. For example, for every 100 reps on the 144, I hold the 134 in for a set amount of time. To determine the plugged time we determined a baseline of how long I could hold the plug by sitting on as long as I could. In this case I was able to plug for 5-8 minutes at a time with the 134 when mixing in reps on the 144. Normally, if I was just plugging, I could hold it longer, but the 144 reps did a number on my hole. I repeated my routine for 5-7 sets a day. 

Another way to bust your hole up is to do step reps. Start with the 126 for a set amount of reps, then move up a size through the series. Or if you are still training up to larger sized toys, some of your other toys would do just fine. Mixing in a Gape Keeper to challenge your depth would be a great in between as long as the toys were a step up in size each time. 

I’ve used my Grips in many different ways, and there are still many ideas to really wreck your hole that my handler and I haven’t thought of. These plugs are an amazing tool to achieve your desired result, look, and feel for your hole. Add a few sizes of the Grip to your toy box to craft your hole into what you want it to be. 

All the best, 

Pup Kibbles 


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