The Mordax: A Revolution In Depth Training

The Mordax: A Revolution In Depth Training

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There are so many things to say about Mordax.

When it was first released, I was thinking that this was a toy that I would have to train up to in order to take it to a decent depth. When it arrived at my doorstep, it still seemed like a HUGE toy, even as I unpacked it. Yet, lubing it up for the virgin ride, my pussy slid right down to well past the mid-point of it. The feelings that were sent throughout my puss are hard to describe, to the point of pleasure so deep that I hadn’t ever felt before on a toy. 

The design of Mordax is an amazing one to say the least. From its length and girth, down to the ridges that run the full length of the toy. The classic softness of Topped Toys’ platinum silicone that we all love and appreciate is in full affect. As my puss was sliding down on Mordax I could feel each ridge massaging my lips and walls, making them quiver in pleasure.. I was asking for more strokes.. for harder strokes.. for deeper strokes.. just asking to be beat into submission at the mercy of the toy. As I continued to bury Mordax in deeper, I could feel it doing work. It was helping me relax deeper parts of my hole to take more and more it deeper. As I rode Mordax harder and harder I could feel it start to attack my second ring, and as it slowly beat away at it I could feel by body just give in. All the sudden it popped in and this massive wave of relaxation passed from my hole to my head, sending me in to a headspace I hadn’t experienced before on a toy. I have always struggled with depth, but no other depth-toy was giving me the width I need for my pussy lips, where I love getting wrecked. 

That is where Mordax truly shines. Being able to work your hole in deeper places, but also be pleasurable at that depth. As most of you know, I’m a girth slut at heart, from my many reps on the Grip Collection of toys to break my pussy wide open (especially on the Grip 150). But with this toy, you can ride it however you like; from a nice easy slow depth day, to pounding your pussy out hard and leaving you gaped open. Another way that I recently enjoyed Mordax is by having it pounded into my pussy via a strap-on harness. The new Vac-U-Lock harness hole provided on Mordax is perfect for the days where you want to be pussy pup and get railed by your favourite playmate or fuck machine. Simply lay back and let the toy do on the work on your hole.

Whether you’re just starting out on depth or have been doing it for a while, the Mordax will expand your hole while providing texture in ways you thought were not possible on such a soft toy. It will leave your hole gaped out, dripping wet, and begging for more. Trust me ;)

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