Maximum Mordax Mayhem

Maximum Mordax Mayhem

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The Topped Toys Crew Did it Again!

To start, I am a HUGE fan of the entire Topped Toys line. I have what some would call an out of control collection of toys from various erotic toy companies, but Topped Toys seems to be the go-to for not only me, but my Hubby and our regular play FFriend (I have a lot of reviews already posted with more to add). There is something about the designs, texture, and quality regardless of the style of toy that does the trick every time. This is regardless of solo, one on one, or group activities. When I saw the release of Mordax I knew I had to have this beast! 

Not wanting to let my eyes be bigger than my hole, I went with the Mordax 115.  I figured it would be bigger than I thought - and BOY WAS I RIGHT... DAMN - I jumped in the sling and a buddy used it on me after some FFUN warm ups... I took about 3/4 of Mordax right out of the gate and loved every bit of it! Buddy proceeded to pump hard and deep and it drove me nuts. The design is deceiving as the ridges rub the walls of your ass so erotically as it’s plunging in you, as well as when it is pulled out. The mind blowing part is the sensations are completely different when it’s being inserted versus being withdrawn and beyond words. 

Give Me More Of That Mordax!!

One of the best parts is when you plant the Mordax deep and feel every bit of it sliding in and out of you. As you accommodate this beast, you can’t help but want more and more. Similar to the Hilt, as the Mordax goes deep you feel it fill and stretch you well inside. The stretch also becomes amazing on your hole and your mind plays tricks as the sensations hit nearly simultaneously, and has difficulties processing which to pay attention to. This allows you to enjoy a wider stretch and continue to go further and deeper as well without realizing it.  

Talk about a true mind fuck while experiencing an actual full on hard core fucking! Before you know it, you are having assgasm after assgasm (and maybe releasing some precum, cum or piss - or all of the above if you're lucky!).

Maximum Mordax Mayhem

To really put yourself to the test when playing with a bud or two (or more 😈🐷), once you have had some good fucking with your new best friend the Mordax and you are enjoying the ride as it’s planted nice and deep, your playmate(s) may decide to remove the full length of it fast without warning (pulling all the way out leaving you with a big gaping empty hole that has no idea what just happened). With the same lack of warning, Mr. Mordax is now being plunged in deep again (that hole is no longer empty and you are totally over the moon in ecstacy!). Now imagine that repeatedly happening to your ass again and again. All the textures hit you with sensations that leave you spent but wanting more.

Paybacks Are A Bitch!

Although I am mostly a Pig Bottom, when it comes to ass play like this, I love to give as much as I get - Hubby and my buddy thought it was outrageous fun fucking me deep, hard and ongoing with the Mordax... Forgetting that it was one of their turns next in the sling - Paybacks are a bitch! Since they saw my reaction and how much I fucking loved it, they actually flipped a coin to see who was next. First was our Bud - He loved it just as much as I did - and Hubby got his turn as well.

By @AHungryBear1 on Twitter

Mordax 115

Mordax 115


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