Topped Talk 2023: Expanding Your Hole-Horizons

Topped Talk 2023: Expanding Your Hole-Horizons

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William Cowper (sadly not the same William Cowper who discovered the Cowper's Glands, where precum is made) famously wrote "Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” We couldn't agree more. We all love what we love, but we'd be robbing ourselves of all of life's pleasures if we never expanded our horizons. So we hit up some of our favourite sluts on Twitter to ask them about how they change things up, what inspires them, and what kind of progress they made towards their hole goals.

Twitter Sluts interviewed: Punched22, Wreckhole, FFBTim, SwitchTwinkXL, Pup Kibbles

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How was your 2022? To that — what was your max size toy at the start of the year, and what is it now? What are your hole-goals for this year?

Punched22: My largest toy was a 11.13” diameter but my deepest toy was the Spike 105. Getting the 14” deep was a game changer for me in 2022 and my goal is to get the Spike 125 in for 2023. Working on widening deeper depths has been my main goal so I can finally take my larger toys to the base

Wreckhole: 2022 was pretty good, I'm looser than ever, the Twitter is ticking over and I'm slowly getting to where I want to be hole-wise too! Despite some patches of not being able to do as much solo stuff as I'd like (ideally 3-4 times a week) I still went up from the Grip 134 to the Grip 150 and also started getting better at depth too - I finally took Spike 105 in Jan 2023 to the base. The bigger Grips and Gape Keeper® have also helped me start taking (smaller) doubles easier and easier too and now I'm hooked!

This year, it's going to be taking the Grip 160, trying to further crack depth with the Spike and Mordax, get better at plugging with the Grips and Gape Keeper® for longer periods (30mins is my PB so far) and generally make good progress on making myself a totally prolapsed, useless hole!

FFBTim: My 2022 was all about making new ffriendly connections beyond my former pandemic bubble. My hole’s 2022 was all about width training. I began the year feeling somewhat comfortable taking around 11.5” circumference, and I ended the year taking +13.5” circumference. I found Topped Toys helpful with my width training process as the toys have exact width measurements and their line of toys includes a large spectrum of sizes. I usually like to alternate my training, so I believe 2023 will be all about making my hole deeper!

SwitchTwinkXL: Last year was amazing! I got to travel and connect with some fantastic kinksters, as well as add some fun new toys to my play sessions. I started out the year maxing out at the 11.5" round range, but with the Mare Maker 130, I'm excited to get more comfortable taking 12" toys and holding toys like the Gape Keeper® 116 in for longer and longer in 2023.

Pup Kibbles: 2022 was the year of change for me. I started out the year with my pussy in the best shape I have ever had. I was toying basically daily with assignments. Regularly topping out on my Grip 160 and making the conjuring of Grip 170. In March of 2022 I had major surgery to become a Nullo (Gender Nullification) which basically means I had my penis and testes removed, so I’m totally smooth up front and now just a slutty fuckhole now, totally focused on my pussy. So I lost some of my progress to healing and recovery. My goals for 2023 are to get back to where I was pre surgery with being elbow deep and at least one triple fist this year.


It seems common that once we discover something we love with toy play, we can just stick to what we know for a while. What inspires you to get out of your play and training routines to try new things? Things like trying new shapes, training for depth instead of girth etc.

Punched22: Actually I always prefer to find something new. New shapes new textures. Half of the time when I play with toys it’s pure enjoyment with something I know will fit and the other half I try to reach new goals and new stretching. One of the best feelings is getting something in that you didn’t think you could before. 

Wreckhole: “Word of hole" mostly encourages me to try new things - if someone like @pup_daxx @rubberscallylad @FFuckhole says "omg try this" then I'm deffo going to give it a go. And seeing results all over twitter - all those happy Mare Maker holes certainly encouraged me to buy the Mare Maker 130 and give it a go. But tbh, just generally talking to kinky peeps who encourage me to try new things, push myself to do more, like @cutechitownboy, it's a key part of the motivation for me - and it's so great to show people the results via the Twitter too. 

On Depth vs Width. I've mostly been trying to grow my width, with depth as a happy side project, but I'm deffo getting more keen to get depth sorted now - elbow deep is the goal. Also need my prolapse to grow as much as possible and that needs a good mix of both for me to get to where I want to be and join the big boys like @buskowianka12 @punchb0y @thunderhoof44

In essence, I'm an (un)healthy mix of curious, competitive and a total hole.... So whatever helps me get to where I wanna be, I'll try it!

FFBTIM: Friends are helpful in encouraging new experiences, but don’t forget that your hole is your friend, too! That means you should listen to your hole and what brings it pleasure. I find alternating training can be helpful, meaning if I go hard on width one session, I may try thinner but longer toys the next time. Toy exchanges with your partners can also be a great way to try new toys. It’s also fun revisiting toys as your hole goes through its transformation process—it’s exciting giving a forgotten toy a second life.

SwitchTwinkXL: Switching things up can definitely help with feeling stuck in a rut. Lately I've been less focused on "sizing up" and chasing bigger and bigger toys. While conquering a thick toy for the first time is a fantastic feeling, it doesn't have to be the goal for toy play to be fun. Recently, I've been taking the time to enjoy longer sessions with smaller toys. It's amazing how even a small toy can feel massively intense after a marathon railing on a fuck machine!

Pup Kibbles: What gets me out of my daily regular routine of toy play is, I always want to try something new with my hole. For me it’s a mental thing, where I know to change, break and wreck my hole I have to keep the training different and evolving to accomplish my goals of total wreckage. Also knowing that different toys and positions will aid with that change in your hole and make those changes permanent.  


To those of you who toy with partners, how do you incorporate toys into a fuck? And what do you find most exciting about playing with others?

Punched22: I always let my partner choose what he wants to use on me. The excitement for me is the surprise and giving up control. I like the shock of feeling what he chooses to put in me.

Wreckhole: I’m actually not a big fan of toys with others, but that may be as I don't have many regulars and, with the size of toys we're talking about needing these days, they're not something you want someone just shoving in. BUT, I finally took the Spike all the way thanks to a friend helping me get it in there, and there is something inherently hot about being used by someone else, particularly as dick just doesn't do the job any more for me, and needing the toys/fists to feel anything reinforces that and makes me feel like such a hole. I've also done a couple of solo sessions just with people watching/talking/holding me down on them and that's also a hot thing to do.

To those reading, I still need to get pegged by the Mordax.... Just saying...

FFBTim: I love integrating toys into sessions with others. I find it encourages one to view a toy through a whole new perspective which can help incorporate them in new and unique ways. Get creative with your toys! Try double penetrating (cock + dildo, Topped Toy’s Chute plug + dick, dildo + fist) or turn your hole into a silicone pussy by shoving a fleshlight sleeve into your hole.

SwitchTwinkXL: Probably my favorite toy for play with others is the Chute. I actually keep hoping Topped Toys will come out with a larger size! I really like feeling the extra pressure the Chute gives as I over-stretch a hole with my cock, or feeling it keep me stuffed while tops take turns running a train on me.

Pup Kibbles: Toying with partners for me comes in the form of assignments and training exercises because my main play partners are long distance and that makes us feel more connected when we are apart and not together playing. Even when we can play together, they help push my limits with toys and are a major part of our play dynamic during a session. What I find most exciting about toying with others and how we work them in is as a warmup and prep prior to fisting or they find me plugged, pussy up ready for their paws then as the session progresses, working in long depth toys like Mordox in strap on form and alternating between that and paws into my pussy. As the session winds down and calming down happens, post session care may include plugging up with a comfortable plug for a bit as that security blanket type feeling.


What are your favourite ways to incorporate toys into your life? For example, do you wear a plug to the gym? Sleep with one in? Do you use a little plug as a stress-squeezer at work? Did you skewer one onto your stick-shift in your car? 

Punched22: I'm not the best at keeping in a plug for extended periods of time because it just makes me sooo horny. But I mostly try to keep a plug in when I’m working from home or doing chores. Especially before I pay. I will usually try to keep the Grip 106 in for as long as I can before I play with my partner. 

Wreckhole: 2023 I'm really going to try and do better at weaving toys into daily life. As I struggle with plugging for more than 20-30 minutes at the moment, long wearing hasn't been that feasible - but I'm going to change that. I've started trying to do trips to the shops with a Gape Keeper® in, even if it does fall out in the middle of the shop sometimes!

I do make the most of working from home when I can, i like to spend anywhere between 45-90 minutes with my toys between meetings/in lunch and just trash it as much as possible - nothing like heading back into a Teams meeting with your hole hanging! And I'm going to start plugging more about the house too - every little bit helps after all.

FFBTim: While I am not yet brave enough to wear a toy to work, I do enjoy wearing a plug during a night out. I also love doing things around the home while plugged, whether it be chores, video games, or hanging out with others. Finally, I find toys (particularly those that are more discreetly shaped) to be a quirky and humorous interior design component.

SwitchTwinkXL: Some of the most fun I had last year was during Locktober, when I resolved to not only stay caged but also plugged 24/7 with a Gape Keeper®. The sensation was amazing. Anytime I got horned up and frustrated, I'd squeeze down and feel that reassuring fulness stuffing my hole. I'm excited to try that again!

Pup Kibbles: Working toys into my daily life has taken may forms for me, I have plugged during work hours (working from home) 15-20 min power toy sessions during zoom meetings, plugged errands around town, sleeping plugged, plugged hike at the local park and even once flying plugged from Connecticut to Chicago to see my handler. That is also one of my goals this year is to work plugging more into my life. Also just having a set schedule of this is what I’m doing with toys, what toys and using specific toys for what they were designed for. Lastly, I use toys as a phone holder / stand during work calls and filming all those sexy videos we all like to make and share.

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