The Best Sex Of My Life - A.C.'s Chute 75 Review

The Best Sex Of My Life - A.C.'s Chute 75 Review

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The Chute by Topped Toys seems to be an under-appreciated plug, and that needs to change - from my perspective, everyone should be using this every time they have sex.

I can't say enough about how The Chute has helped me and my husband have life-changing sex. We are both versatile; we really enjoy when one or both of us achieve orgasm during anal sex, and I am generally able to cum from topping my husband and he likes to take my load inside of him. I also enjoy receiving, but it is more difficult for my husband to orgasm when he tops, so I have been the giver the majority of the time. We have used the Chute 75 during sex twice now, both times with it inserted in me, and my husband was able to orgasm while topping in both cases. I was grunting and moaning uncontrollably both times... and almost unable to think about anything else since these hot experiences.

The plug is insanely comfortable, and the material makes it nice and easy to insert while still being firm enough to keep the shape - you will definitely notice that this is inside of you! It is based on the very popular Gape Keeper® series, so you know it is going to be great. The sensation of being penetrated while The Chute is in place is such a powerful experience that it may very well change some of your attitudes and perceptions about anal sex. I have always liked the feeling of my hole being stretched open and my ass full, but sometimes the thrusting is an overload that I am not able to enjoy for too long.

The Chute takes everything to the next level in a way that you need to try in order to understand - and the magic of having half of your ass shielded by the plug and the other half experiencing the sensation of thrusting is how I am now convinced anal was meant to be enjoyed! The sensation of having a nice, full feeling in my ass while my husband's exquisite, thick cock slides in is a moment of ecstasy that I can't stop thinking about. We have mainly used The Chute while I am on my back or on my knees. On my back, we have had the opening of The Chute upwards, and the feeling of having my rectum stuffed by the plug while my husband's penis is kept along the upper part of my ass, rubbing along my prostate while he thrusts, means that every single moment is bringing maximum pleasure - at no point is there thrusting into general open space of your ass... it is all going where you want it! On my knees, we have turned the plug around while inserted so that the groove is pointing up, and that creates a totally new and exciting sensation that I will do my best to describe... imagine feeling that your ass is full from the substantial plug, while every thrust of your partner's dick puts downward pressure on the plug, forcing the bulb of it onto your prostate in an amazing rhythm, while you still feel that sublime sensation of their shaft sliding across your outer ring and further filling you inside.

My husband told me that the base of the plug looks hot sticking out of my ass while he is fucking me, and I think the whole idea of adding his cock to the toy really ups the slut-factor of this sexy experience for him (and me), which leads him to have massive orgasms while inside me. I bought both the Chute 75 and Chute 85 sizes at the same time, because my ass is very flexible and able to accept big toys... we started with the Chute 75 and I just wanted to know I had the larger size on-hand ready to use if the mood strikes. The Chute 75 has been incredible and I am curious to try the Chute 85, but I can't imagine how it could be any better than the total BLISS I am already experiencing with the initial size.

I can't wait to experience topping my husband with The Chute in him, but he is a little intimidated by the size of the Chute 75... maybe some guys would like Topped Toys to come out with a 55 or 65 so they don't have to feel it is such a challenge to take it? And... some of us guys (ME) will definitely want 95 and 105 sizes very soon, please!

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