Which Size Lotus Is Right For Me?

Which Size Lotus Is Right For Me?

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The Lotus is a wildly unique design that focuses on turbo-stretching your first ring without driving deep like others, so you can wear it even longer than you would imagine. Its soft platinum silicone tip slips you open before its wide Hilt-like knot, made easier by a rolling and textured backside that helps it slip in almost like magic. It pops itself in at the end and immediately presses up against your prostate, sending shivers down your spine. And with such a deceptively comfortable shape, that's where it wants to stay.

The Lotus Collection is perfect for long-term wear, loosening your hole and massaging your prostate with every step, every rep, and every squeeze. So, where do you start?

The Lotus 80

The Lotus 80 is the entry point for the Lotus Collection, and what an incredible introduction it is. This plump-yet-comfortable 8" circumference plug makes its presence in your hole known, but won't tire you out prematurely. This size is the perfect all-day-wear toy for any slut, and not just the cavernous ones. At only 4.5" deep, its bulb sits snugly in your hole but doesn't drive deep enough to stimulate your second ring. It's a fantastic workout or bike ride toy, giving you plenty to squeeze and squirm on to massage your prostate throughout the day with a comfortable-but-thick neck. Its prominent knot-like front face is the perfect shape to grind your prostate every time you squeeze, and it's unlike anything you've ever tried before. Welcome to the collection.

The Lotus 100

This next step in the Lotus Collection is a sizable 2" circumference jump, and you're definitely going to feel it. It still sits plenty shallow in your hole, only 1/2" deeper than the Lotus 80, so its hole-focused design is even more effective. When you pop the it in, it first overwhelms your senses with its fist-width body and hefty neck, then settles in comfortably for the long haul. At this size the Lotus is near constantly grinding against your prostate, so with each twist and step, it only makes you more of a horny leaky mess. The neck-to-knot ratio is perfect as well, so it locks in hard and stays put no matter what you're upto.

Even though I can take the Lotus 120 now, the Lotus 100 is my go-to all-day toy. It's so comfortable that I can just forget I even have it in if I'm sufficiently distracted. But after a bike ride to work, an hour in the gym, 8 hours at my desk, and my bike ride home, my briefs are completely slick with pre... and I'm famously someone who never leaks. The Lotus 100 is incredible.

The Lotus 120

Now you're really in the big leagues. The Lotus 120 is the biggest Lotus out there, but it's still easier to take than other toys around its size (well, we'll touch on that in a moment). If you're looking for a real prostate-squeezing stretch that won't let up, the Lotus 120 won't show you any mercy. With every squeeze, every step, every rep, its 12" circumference knot and 8" neck (yes, the size of the Lotus 80 itself), Lotus 120 grinds your hole open and keeps it open. But don't get to thinking that this one will stretch you as neatly as the others. At 6" deep, it'll be enough to tease your second ring and provide some pushback, pressing the knot back against your hole and making you very aware it's in you. I find myself squeezing and holding onto this one throughout the day, which only loosens my hole more, making my squeeze harder... repeat repeat repeat. By the time you pop Lotus 120 out, your hole will hang wide open on its own, an invitation for whatever toy, fist, or cock you've got lined up next. Frankly, it's beautiful. I'm definitely working on making this my all-day-toy, because hey, you always gotta go bigger right? Who wouldn't want to carry a fist around in you all day?

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