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The Gape Keeper 116 is a plug to be reckoned with. At 11.6 inches around, you're sure to feel it as you slide over the widest point. Once you've conquered the width your lips will still have to accept being stretched 8 inches around the massive neck of this plug while you wear it. The 116 is perfect for those looking to increase endurance for fisting sessions or to increase their capacity.

Putting every inch of the 116 in is a pleasure. Once you reach the widest point you'll notice the long shape of the bulb and gentle taper to the neck which keep the plug from popping in uncomfortably. Clench over the plug to feel your body suck it deep inside you. The similar tapers to the front and back of the plug also make it possible to ride the widest point.

The 116 is bigger than most people could wear all day, but we've had no trouble keeping it in for an hour or two. The soft material fills you without putting pressure on the wrong spaces and the shaped base is designed to hide under a pair of jeans. Choose the right size for you, then see if anyone notices.

If you're looking for a real mind trip, wreck yourself on the 116 then switch to the Gape Keeper 100. You'll be amazed how easily you can handle it after this monster has made space inside you.

Dimensions (in)

Gape Keeper 116
Max Circumference 11.6
Max Diameter 3.7
Neck Circumference 8
Neck Diameter 2.3
Insertable 7

Dimensions (cm)

Gape Keeper 116
Max Circumference 29.5
Max Diameter 9.4
Neck Circumference 20.3
Neck Diameter 6.6
Insertable 17.8

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Squishy but very fun

It's softer than I expected, but it's a great toy! And the forge red colour is wicked!
It fills my hole in the right ways! It's going to take some training to have it in, or to hold it for any length of time. But a great addition to my collection.

Blue Serenity

I purchased this size as a larger size from my Square Peg Egg plug. When I received it it looked amazing the proportions were nice and a larger base which is what I wanted. Originally I was just planning to try it out for a while Saturday morning; well one thing leading to another I had it in for over 17 hours working around the house, running errands and an hour n a half car ride. It just felt more amazing the longer I had it in. I could feel the texture of it rubbing me inside and didn't seem to dry out at all! When I did finally pull it out to clean up a bit it was fantastic how it left me feeling so empty, so back in for the night to sleep. Today going on over 10 hours, made for a much better Monday at work! This has definitely become my new all day and night-time plug. My hole will never be the same again; Thanks Guys and great job!!!! (Anytime you need a test hole for a new idea, I'm in :-)

Holy shit

I bought this plug because I was having trouble keeping the knot in on my XL Rex and wanted a plug that could help me train at my limit. This plug was the perfect solution to this problem, and the size is right at my limit. With a heart amount of warmup, and a good bit of effort I can take this plug and the intensity and pleasure is off the charts. This plug fills me up like nothing else and gives my prostate nowhere to hide (in a good way).

At first I could only keep the plug in for a matter of seconds, now I can keep it in for about a minute after a few training sessions. This plug has been helping me 'expand my horizons' exactly as I hoped it would.