My First Day With The Mare Maker 142

My First Day With The Mare Maker 142

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Review by P.R.

When my husband came home with a package and with a big grin on his face, I knew that my Topped Toys order had been delivered. Swiftly opening the box, he chose The Mare Maker 142 as my next challenge. Looking at his bulge, it was clear that he was excited to try it on me.

After removing the toy and rinsing the toy, we went to the bedroom. After undressing, I went all fours on the bed. My husband then removed my Gape Keeper® 116, which I was wearing all day long. My hole was already prolapsing at the thoughts of having such a beast of a plug as The Mare Maker 142. After taking a puff of poppers and my husband licking my rosebud, he was already relubing my hole with a lube mix of crisco and X-Lube. He then went on to grab a Chute 100 (we need bigger sizes!) lubed it up and insert it in my anus. Unzipping his pants, my husband then shoved his penis to stretch me with the Chute.

After a few minutes of stretch-fucking, he then grabbed The Mare Maker 142, lubed it and try to fit it in my anus. After ten minutes and poppered up, he finally managed to fit it in. What a joy and intense feeling. Still on all fours, I managed to do get about 100 reps before getting it in comfortably in place. My husband insisted that I slept with the plug that night. Due to its weight, I put on a plug harness to make sure it stays in place.

As every time I upsize my plugs, getting used to sleep with the bigger plug size is a challenge. Morning after, I finally woke up having beautiful dreams of anal fullness. I then rushed to the bathroom mirror to see the results. Popping the plug out I then saw the biggest prolapse I ever had. My husband was so excited to see the results. Morning enema done, relubed and now time to try The Gape Keeper® 128 for the day. Thanks Topped Toys to give me the hole my husband wants and spicing up our sex life. Tip: if you intend to sleep with this plug, I highly suggest that you wear a diaper as the size will put much pressure on your bladder and you might leak.


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