Mordax Is A Magnificent Monster, But Fun To Tame

Mordax Is A Magnificent Monster, But Fun To Tame

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The web page description of this amazing monster is perfectly spot on!! Mordax is a phenominal ride!!!

I can easily enjoy some bigger toys but when I made this purchase I wanted to be conservative and safe because of the aggressive texture. To my delight, it was perfect! After opening myself up with the Grip 115 & Grip 126 and warning up on a couple other massive dildos, it was time to play with those incredible ridges on Mordax. As I slid this well lubed monster into my hungry hole, I was overcome with the orgasmic sensations all those prominent ridges & folds provided. I quickly engulfed about three quarters of the length, taking it into the entrance of that second ring. I haven't been the most successful with wide depth so it took some caution to advance further and a little more practice to be comfortable beyond that point.

What has already been stated is true.... This thing wants to keep digging deeper and you are helpless in it's grasp!! Mordax latches on and digs in, rubbing and massaging your insides like nothing else. As each ridge passes through, it holds on and coaxes even deeper. On the way back out it pulls and tugs ever so perfectly. After just 2 or 3 sessions with this Mordax 105, I was comfortably and confidently plunging it all the way in and riding the full length with wild abandon! Overall, the crazy texture is not nearly as rough as I thought due to the amazing silicone material.

This thing is an orgasmically delightful, wild ride and is actually helping me advance my depth play more than any other toy! I am so thrilled with the Mordax 105 that within just a couple months, I already purchased the Mordax 115 and can't wait to tame the Mordax 135!!

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