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The Gape Keeper 128 is a massive plug. The widest point measures 12.8 inches around (4.1 inches wide) and is deliciously long so you'll feel it slide slowly into you. Then there's the neck which measures 8.7 inches around (2.8 inches wide) to hold you open as you adjust to the double fist like mass inside you. The 128 is perfect for those looking to increase endurance for fisting sessions or to increase their capacity beyond the double fist size.

Putting every inch of the Gape Keeper series in is a pleasure. Once you reach the widest point you'll notice the long shape of the bulb and gentle taper to the neck which keep the plug from popping in too fast. Clench over the plug to feel your body suck it deep inside you. The similar tapers to the front and back of the plug also make it possible to ride the widest point for an intense session of wreckage.

The 128 is bigger than most people could wear all day, but we've had no trouble keeping it in for up to an hour. The soft material fills you without putting pressure on the wrong spaces and the shaped base is designed to hide under a pair of jeans. Choose the right size for you, then see if anyone notices.

Dimensions (in)

Gape Keeper 128
Max Circumference 12.8
Max Diameter 4.1
Neck Circumference 8.7
Neck Diameter 2.8
Insertable 6.8

Dimensions (cm)

Gape Keeper 128
Max Circumference 32.5
Max Diameter 10.4
Neck Circumference 22.1
Neck Diameter 7.1
Insertable 17.3

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Customer Reviews

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Mr. B.

Good toys

Calvin H.
My First Gape Keeper

I opted for the Gape Keeper 128 based on its maximum circumference and that of other toys I can take, and it turns out to be the perfect next step in gaping my hole. As I first tried it, I was afraid I was just not ready to take it (despite taking the Grip 126 without any difficulty), but its soft and flexible texture allowed it to worm its way in - and boy did it go in with a bang! It slid right in beyond its widest part with the most wonderful feeling of pressure.

I have not yet been able to take it to the hilt, but I'm going to have a lot of great fun getting there.

The difference between ooooo and OMG

This was my first experience with a Topped Toys product, and it was AMAZING. I have been playing with a toy that is 12 inches in circumference, but was a little worried and excited to make the leap to the 128. I was stalking the UPS man. I needed it bad. Within 10 minutes of delivery, the 128 was destroying my hole. I could not believe the feeling. I wish I had filmed it. The material is soft and forgiving but keeps a constant pressure and before you know it, it slides right in before your ass can object. I am so impressed with the feeling and comfort. No pain at all. Like the title says, this toy is the difference between ooooo and OMG in such a good way. Big thank you to the Topped Toys team. I will definitely be back for more.

Gros plug pour amateur de largeur

Que dire de ce gapekeeper 128 , simplement énorme.
J'avais commencé par le grip126 qui était bon à porter , et quand j'ai reçu celui-ci, c'était juste hallucinant. La largeur vous détruit le trou et vous ouvrent la rose comme il le faut .
Une fois à l'intérieur vous sentirez une pression au niveau du deuxième anneau sans pour autant l'ouvrir , et c'est cette sensation qui est juste géniale.
La base est de bonne taille , et vous laisse le trou ouvert.
Difficile à garder au début, mais avec un harnais , il sera plus facile de s'y habituer.
La seul chose à savoir c'est que ce n'est pas un plug pour les débutants, mais pour les personnes déjà bien avancée dans la largeur.
Je vous garantie que après avoir été habitué à cette taille, les doubles Poing seront facile à prendre .
Bon jeux les amis et bonne destruction.

Great toy!

I had never ordered from Topped Toys before, but knowing they are in Canada made me feel they would have some integrity and be good guys. And yes, they make a fine Gape Keeper 128. I was concerned that it might be too big, but with a little prep with smaller toys, this guy slipped right in, and felt fantastic! Perfectly shaped and made of very soft material. I'll be squatting down on this with pleasure.