Depth and Railing - Exploring Your Deepest Reaches

Depth and Railing - Exploring Your Deepest Reaches

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So you've already read and memorized every word of Depth Training 101, right? Good. 

Depth play opens up a whole new world of pleasure, one that is completely unique from girthy toys and plugs. That deep, soul-shaking feeling as a toy slinks through you and rearranges your insides, utterly impaling you and filling your body... there's nothing like it. It's enough to make some sluts cum hands-free, something we never get tired of watching.

We designed some of our collections to be perfect for drilling deep and making your cunt truly cavernous, and all in unique ways. A few are even equipped with Vac-U-Lock holes, so you can set em down on a Suction Cup Base to ride like your life depended on it, let a friend ravage you with a Vac-U-Lock Pegging Harness, or stick em on your fuck-machine and let the toy do all the work. But don't let your guard down -- those long, deep strokes will melt your mind and leave you utterly helpless in ways you'd never expect. Say hello to your newest obsession, and say hello to some of our favourites for going the whole nine yards (all jokes aside: if you find a slut with a hole nine yards deep, let us know. Immediately).

The Spike Collection

The Spike Collection is where many depth-sluts start out. Its gently tapered tip will introduce your second ring to the wild new sensations of depth play, while its wide plug-like base stretches your lips out wide for a whole-hole rockshow. The ribbed texture of its spikes let you count your progress as they pop in, and they're incredible hole-massagers with higher-speed thrusts. Some sluts are so bold as to use Spike as a plug, as its narrow neck and soft base let it sit flush between your cheeks. Yes, we know boys who rock the 16" long Spike 125 as an all-day plug. Walking around all day with their cunt gaped and their insides rearranged around that gargantuan dragon tail is something truly incredible. This is the toy to get you hooked on depth play.

The Artemis Collection

The Artemis Collection is the first Vac-U-Lock compatible toy on our list, and it takes everything you love about cock and turns it up to 11. With 3 beefy mushroom-head flares, a massively thick shaft, a pronounced bulge, subtly textured veins, and huge balls to grind your taint on once you reach the bottom, Artemis is a depth-fucker-perfection all the way down. With a decently consistent girth, Artemis doesn't offer you any relief at any point along the ride with every deep and powerful stroke. It says "open up, bitch" and goes straight to work. This one is a favourite of mine to really take my time with, too. I set it down on a Suction Cup Base, lube it up, squirt a healthy dose of lube into my hole, brace myself, and slowly sink down all 12.25" of my Artemis 105. Something about its shape just opens me up in a whole new way, and I can feel every inch of my insides straighten out and wrap around it. Not to mention that extra pressure from its bulge on my prostate every time I reset... heaven. Sometimes I just sit around with it hilted in me, squirming and squeezing to feel it all. Not that I get to do it for long, however -- my husband has a penchant for making me get up with it still in, walking me over to the bed, strapping it into his Vac-U-Lock Harness and railing my brains out. I swear, he must just love watching my eyes roll back as I go completely bottom-brained, hardly able to speak as this giant cock impales me.

The Mordax Collection

Now, this puppy is a doozy. The Mordax Collection is a hyper-textured thrillride that will leave your cunt utterly unrecognizable once it's through with you. It is covered in aggressively designed yet soft rear-facing flares from head-to-base that massage your cunt on the way in, and tug on it on the way out. Plus, with a Vac-U-Lock hole like the Artemis, this incredible lip-lasher can be set up anywhere you want it. If you loved the sensation of counting the spikes as you sink down The Spike Collection, the Mordax is that same sensation but on steroids. It looks intimidating at first glance, but once your lips kiss the head and it starts sliding its way in, you'll fall in love and see exactly what makes this toy unlike anything else. The rear-facing flares almost seem to help wriggle the toy deeper and deeper all on its own. As it massages every inch of your insides from every angle, it's a whole-package stretch that hollows your hole out completely. I actually trained the most for depth on my Mordax 90, as it felt like it had a mind of its own and was set on making me hilt it entirely the first time I played with it. Spoiler alert - I did. I love to really clench and bear down on it as I let my bodyweight pull the Mordax 90 deeper and deeper, and it shows my cuntmuscles no mercy, grinding me wide open. It's a whole new level of loose compared to taking my fat plugs - my entire hole from lips to guts feels abused and exhausted. So fucking slutty. My husband loves to speed-fuck me with it too, and all those intense flares feel like they're going to turn my cunt inside out in the most incredible way. I've only ever cum hands-free a few times in my life, and every time was with the Morax. You can't afford to miss out on what Mordax will do to you.

So slut, what are you waiting for? Experience everything these incredible toys have to offer, and say goodbye to your cunt as you know it. It's time to get cavernous.

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