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The Hilt 115 dildo is a rideable knotted toy with a wicked curve and inverted oblong shapes that rub you right. This rough ride comes in the extra sensitive HD finish to make sure you feel every inch.

Starting at the top, the head features a contoured spine that orients the toy in your hole either forward or backward depending on how you like to take the swept curve of the shaft. Slide past the head and you'll appreciate the pronounced spike as it makes its way into you. You'll also appreciate the oblong cross section of the shaft and the inflated curve that pressures your prostate. Riding this shaft is a ton of fun, but it doesn't stop there.

Once you've tired of pounding your hole with the shaft it's time to get to work on one massive knot. The orientation of the shaft is perpendicular to the orientation of the oblong knot, meaning you'll need to stretch extra wide when taking it all. At 11.5 inches around the knot on the Hilt is a hunk of silicone to be reckoned with. The entry is blunt on one side with a gentle art deco inspired flow on the other, allowing you to work over it in a few different ways. Any way you do it, it's a thrill to pop this amorphous hunk past your first ring as the tip of the shaft pushes through your second.

Give the Hilt a ride and you'll see why we're calling it our first knotted dildo.

Dimensions (in)

Hilt 115
Knot Circumference 11.5
Knot Width 3.6
Head Circumference 8
Head Diameter 2.5
Shaft Circumference 9.5
Shaft Diameter 3
Neck Circumference 7.6
Neck Diameter 2.45
Insertable 9.75

Dimensions (cm)

Hilt 115
Knot Circumference 29.2
Knot Width 9.1
Head Circumference 20.3
Head Diameter 6.4
Shaft Circumference 24
Shaft Diameter 7.6
Neck Circumference 19.3
Neck Diameter 6.2
Insertable 24.7

Available in these other sizes:

Hilt 75Hilt 95 / Hilt 105Hilt 125 / Hilt 135

HD Finish

The Hilt features the HD Finish, a matte textured surface that gives more motion feel and grabs onto lube, making sure it gets you slicked up as deep as the toy. HD adds a new level of intensity to riding a toy as it stimulates your lips sliding over the surface, making you aware of every movement. If you're like us, you'll be transfixed with pleasure as you slide up and down this shaft.

About Colour Variations

Marbled colours like Forge Red have wide variations in the way the colours mix. These unique colour effects are the result of our hand-making process, and mean that your toy will be a-one-of-a-kind work of beauty. Learn More.

Selecting Your Size

One of the most common reasons customers inquire about returning a product is because they have ordered a toy that is either too large or too small. Due to the nature of our products, we are not able to accept returns because a customer has misjudged the size. Please pay careful attention to the detailed dimensions listed at the top of each product page to make sure that you are ordering a size that you will be happy with. If you are unsure which size is best for you, read our blog post about picking the right size for your experience level, and remember to always play within your abilities.

Customer Reviews

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Hilt 115 Discovering a game changer!

The Hilt 115 is my third toy from Topped Toys and is, at the moment, the most mind bending. I’ve been playing with larger intermediate toys for both width and length for several years and was dissatisfied with most of the available ones. My search for a more perfect toy brought me to the Topped Toy website. I was intrigued by their products designs and the “softer” silicone they’re made with. I was initially looking for something that would provide a gentle stretch beyond 3 inches and give a satisfying sense of fullness. After reading the reviews I chose the Gape Keeper 108 as my introduction to Topped Toys products. I could not be happier with this toy and the material it’s made with!
I should note here that the HD finish on all these toys, the texture is sublime! Lube clings well to it and the subtle yet insistent feeling of ‘velvet’ sliding through your first ring is enough to have you drooling. The “softer” silicone was a surprise in that it’s fairly easy to compress with your body weight and at first I thought this might not be helpful. I couldn’t have been more wrong! After using the appropriate amounts of lube inside and out I rested all my weight on the Gape Keeper 108 and the elongated ‘egg’ design revealed its secrets. After its initial entry my weight compressed it making it a little wider than its stated diameter. The compressed material wants to expand and this it did as I sat on it, slowly penetrating my first hole and then sliding in to the base. The sensation fullness at this size is both gentle and immensely satisfying! The 108 has become my daily weekend plug for extended wear while doing the household chores!
My journey to the Hilt 115 was preceded by a side trip into wanting a wider stretch with a little depth added just for fun! The Grip 134 was my next toy. I have previously played with a ‘nameless’ toy approaching 4 inches in diameter but found its material to rigid and unforgiving. Topped Toys silicone came to the rescue! As with my experience with the Gape Keeper 108 the compressibility and expansion of the silicone used in these toys allowed the 134 to slowly penetrate my first ring. I have to say that at 4.25 inches in diameter it took several days and tons of lube, (you can never have too much lube!), to finally get this giant in where it belongs. What a feeling as the stretch reaches the rim of this plug! And the sudden snap as your hole grabs the smaller neck locking it in! The design fills you up and puts just the right amount of pressure on your prostate to have you leaking! Kneeling forward on hands and knees, this plug wants to lock in deeper and begs you cum! It a challenge to keep it in initially but worth the effort to do so. Walking around with it locked in is a physical and mental trip all by itself.
Now onto the Hilt 115!!
I had been playing with depth, up to 11 inches and diameters of 2.25 inches and wanted to explore more with both. The Hilt series of toys seemed perfect for this. I was immediately drawn to the Hilt 125. Not wanting to over estimate my capabilities and after reading the blog on selecting a size, I sent an email to the team at Topped Toys for advice. I’m glad I did and a big thank you to R.. for his wise suggestion that I size down to the 115! This unique toy has been a delightful challenge to finally conquer! The fantastic design of the head and shaft leading to the knot is worth the price of admission alone! The ‘velvet’ texture and ridges on the oblong shaped shaft quickly reaching 3 inches in diameter, hits all the right spots, applying pressure on the prostate as it slides past your first hole. Riding this, whether it’s used facing forward or backwards (or in any direction) is a fantastic exercise in prostate massage that I have trouble describing! Reaching the knot with its pronounced ledge the challenge begins. You can feel the head nudging your second ring as your hole tries to stretch over the ledge. You can tease yourself here pounding on the knot. The smooth front opposite the ledge invites you to grind and descend on it as the head slowly opens your second ring and the knot stretches you open. I have to admit that although playing with depth before this toy, and somewhat used to the pressure on my second ring, I was not prepared for the quick changing in diameter of the head from 2.5 inches to 3 inches. Pay attention to this pressure! Do not rush yourself! This is supposed to be enjoyable and not a test! I’ve had the 115 for just over a month and have ‘trained’ with it every other day, each time enjoying all its delicious features and gradually going deeper each time. Finally I’ve conquered the knot and the entire length! The simultaneous penetration of my first and second ring as my hole locked around the neck had me seeing stars and cumming hands free. Perhaps this toy isn’t for extended wear but it’s a mind blowing ride!
I can’t recommend Topped Toys enough! The customer service is fantastic… and they’re Canadian!

David K.
OMG, incredible

This is my largest toy to date and I bought it to make room for other goals. I had every intention of working up slowly to take the knot. But, my hungry hole in the moment just had to swallow this delicious beast. It is just utterly amazing. The first thing that stood out was the finish. I have never experienced a toy with that intense of a texture. It is incredible. Before the knot is even starting to stretch my hole well the tip is tickling the sigmoid and begs to be buried. The knot is so different from other knotted toys I have. The stretch is not as intense as a large round type knot. Until you get towards to bottom that is. The last inch or so was so extreme in the best way. When the knot set the first time I thought my head was going to explode. It is intense and so filling. When the ridged side of the knot hits the prostate it is magical. I literally came immediately. I was very unsure of the overall abstract shape and thought at worst this toy would be a good warm up tool. I am so pleasantly surprised how much I love this fantastic creation. It is in my all time top 3 toys. I get hard just thinking about riding it again. My hole is yearning for more of it's knot.


Hilt 115

New Years Celebration - WOW!!! -

The author of the blog on how this toy was designed hit it on the head!
We had been waiting to use my Hilt 115 until I was feeling “just right”. The size, and shape is a little intimidating yet exhilarating at the same time. I wanted to make sure I was ready - Determined to take the knot on my first outing!
Hubby and I were set for play New Years Eve when our Pig Bud 🐷 messaged in the afternoon and was horny and bored (of coarse)... Invited him over for a quick session (figured would be a warm up for the night LOL). We got to it - he warmed me up with a couple of “Gape Keepers”, a “Grip” and saw “The Hilt” - Grabbed it and went to town on me...
OMG - the write up did not do it justice! The sensations were amazing both depth and stretch were incredible simultaneously - my body didn’t know what to do when. The AssGasms kept cumming the sounds and juices just flowed. Hubby had to come in to see what was going on... I didn’t take the knot during that session... Buddy went home.
Hubby and I picked up where he left off a few hours later - repositioned myself - The depth, and stretch brigade began again - the sensations were more intense this time, the path was found and the knot was taken! I could only stand it for a few minutes that round... But outstanding.
To repeat myself, the author of the blog/write up on how this toy was designed nailed it! Bravo

Every pup's knotty wet dream...

What pup doesn’t love to get knotty? Challenging your hole in both depth and width, the Hilt’s design is sure to make you eager boys moan and groan. While the smooth HD finish goes easy on your hole, this massive toy doesn’t let up as you slide the shaft deeper and deeper. Even as you settle in and conquer the first portion of the toy, you come to the massive knot, which is sure to make you squeal.

For folks like me who are relatively new to depth play, the sensation of taking the Hilt to the base is unique and will likely take a few tries to both master and avoid any discomfort. Since the Hilt is both knotted and long, it can challenge even advanced players who are still learning to relax for depth play. Many intermediate players are better able to distinguish pleasurable stretching from painful strain when challenging their holes with wider widths; in depth play, things can poke you in unexpected spots (many of which are not used to be poked!), which can lead to a pinging moment of recoil when your body is afraid you’ve gotten prodded in the wrong place. This can take some time to overcome, so patience and gentle guidance is required.

The first few times I tried taking the Hilt required a lot of adjusting and re-adjusting, both with respect to my body and the toy itself. If you hit a snag (and the toy just won’t go in further), my recommendation is to fall back on the three R’s: relax, re-lube, and re-orient. Toys like the Hilt—with knots and wicked curves—try to seek the path of least resistance but can get caught against curves and folds in the rectal cavity that cause pain if pressed too sharply. Lube can help toys slip past such sticky points, while breathing exercises can help expand the cavity and reduce the likelihood that the Hilt will find itself caught against a sensitive spot. But everyone’s body is different—which is something to celebrate! Learning what works best for you—what angle of attack, what lube to use, where to shift positions—is part of the fun of self-exploration with toys like the Hilt. A slight redirection can make all the difference!

One last thing to note: the Hilt is designed more for reps of bouncing, riding, and grinding, rather than for long-term wear. If you are looking for a plug to leave in, rather than a toy to ride, I would recommend the Gape Keeper and Grip toy lines instead.