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Erebus, the god of darkness and shadow, is Topped Toys' first mouthwatering fantasy dildo. Challenge yourself to overcome the wide shaft as you slide down his heavily armoured scales and ridges. Relax your second ring and ride every inch of this sexy phallus to appreciate the HD textured features. Get over the widest point in the middle of the shaft for a slight relief as you rest the balls on your taint. Once you've made it to the base you'll love grinding on the p-spot stimulating folds just above the balls.

Don't just take it from us, let Switch Twink XL's glowing review of the Erebus 120 speak for itself.


Dimensions (in)

Erebus 80
Head Circumference 6
Head Diameter 1.9
Max Circumference 8.25
Max Diameter 2.6
Base Circumference 8
Insertable 8.5

Dimensions (cm)

Erebus 80
Head Circumference 15.2
Head Diameter 4.9
Max Circumference 21
Max Diameter 6.7
Base Circumference 20.3
Insertable 21.6

Available in these other sizes:

Erebus 105 / Erebus 120 / Erebus 140

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ed W.
Incredible Sensation

Fabulous toy. You'll have the happiest hole in the hood...

So Amazing

This thing is a lot bigger in person definitely fills me up and keeps me wanting more of it. I love the HDMatte texture it has definitely a plus with this toy versus let’s say a gate keeper or a spike. I love a nice toy that had me feeling my animalistic side and this definitely one of them. Definitely an amazing toy


This toy is so exciting
All the stretch and texture omg!
You lub and sit on it mmm

Amazingly Deceptive and Wonderful

I waited for a smaller Erebus to be introduced as I knew the larger first being offered although tempting was going to be too much at this time. I was at first disappointed that the wonderful team at TT went so “small” - When my Erebus arrived, I really enjoyed the thought and planning put into the design and texture. As I felt it with my hands, I already got horned as fuck and my hole twitched in anticipation. My first ride was videoed by Hubby and damn if it was not freakin amazing and hit all the right spots!
I told my buddy about it and he had the same reaction with disappointment on the size. When he took it for a spin, he was thrilled too. Size doesn’t always matter for sure. The design is great.

Erebus 80 & Hilt 95 a Perfect Combination !

Purchased Erebus 80 and Hilt 95 together. Gave them both a clean before using but could not wait, so applied lots of lube on Erebus and started the ride.
Erebus was incredible the way it moved through my hole and those ridges just added to the pleasure. I purchased Hilt 115, to my Hole its a Monster and was pleased when Hilt 95 was released to start smaller. Hilt 95 has a mind of its own, i found it easier to let it do all the work and not force it. These two Topped Toys are a great combination and will pleasure you in many different ways. Thank you Topped Toys Team when you offer 20% of new toys.
Stephen in Australia.