Erebus 140

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Colour: Blue Steel

Erebus 140
Head Circumference 9.5
Head Diameter 3
Max Circumference 14
Max Diameter 4.5
Circumference Near Base 13
Insertable 10
Erebus 140
Head Circumference 24.1
Head Diameter 7.6
Max Circumference 35.6
Max Diameter 11.4
Circumference Near Base 33
Insertable 25.4

Erebus, the god of darkness and shadow, is an absolutely mouthwatering fantasy dildo. Challenge yourself to overcome the 14" wide shaft as you slide down his heavily armoured scales and ridges. Relax your second ring and ride every inch of this sexy phallus to appreciate the HD textured features. Ride over the widest point in the middle of the shaft, yet there's no relief for your gaped slot even as you rest the balls on your taint and grind on them. Once you've made it to the base you'll love grinding on the p-spot stimulating folds just above the balls.

Don't just take it from us, let Switch Twink XL's glowing review of the Erebus 120 speak for itself.


Available in these other sizes:

Erebus 80 / Erebus 105 / Erebus 120

Customer Reviews

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It doesn’t fit


Jam N.
Erebus 140 is insane

Just got the Erebus 140 a few days ago. It is absolutely my favourite. The texture holds lube really well allowing it to slip all the way in on the first try. Stretches my ass beautifully. Love it! Love it! Love it!😍😍😍

Biggest yet!

I love Erebus120 and will be enjoying Erebus140 just as much once I manage to get on it. Love the way the finish holds really slippery lube and maximizes the girth I can take. Great toy!