Erebus 120

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Erebus, the god of darkness and shadow, is Topped Toys' first mouthwatering fantasy dildo. Challenge yourself to overcome the 12" wide shaft as you slide down his heavily armoured scales and ridges. Relax your second ring and ride every inch of this sexy phallus to appreciate the HD textured features. Get over the widest point in the middle of the shaft for a slight relief as you rest the balls on your taint. Once you've made it to the base you'll love grinding on the p-spot stimulating folds just above the balls.

Don't just take it from us, let Switch Twink XL's glowing review of the Erebus 120 speak for itself.


Dimensions (in)

Erebus 120
Head Circumference 8.25
Head Diameter 2.6
Max Circumference 12
Max Diameter 3.8
Base Circumference 11.5
Insertable 10

Dimensions (cm)

Erebus 120
Head Circumference 21
Head Diameter 6.7
Max Circumference 30.5
Max Diameter 9.7
Base Circumference 29.2
Insertable 25.4

Available in these other sizes:

Erebus 80 / Erebus 105 / Erebus 140

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
So big and so good

And in a very few time, i'll got the biggest 140 because my hole needs it !!!


My Erebus 120 has become one of my new best FFriend !!! Thank you ToppedToys !


Erebus 120

Erebus 120 - The monster you never loved to hate so much

I say that because when I first bought it in Feb 2021 I could not stand to have this toy deep inside me. The bent shaft was too long, too wide, there are bumps everywhere and scales and……. It’s just so fucking big and busy! Everywhere you look there’s something to massage poke and stretch your insides as it goes in. Too much!

Lubing up is a joke too. My first go at giving this monster fucker of a toy my flower, I had already loosened up with my Grip134 and was primed and ready so I smeared a little lube on the head and then a little around my butt. This wasn’t enough and by the time half the Erebus120 was in me the shaft was bone dry and nice and that soothing slide I normally feel turned into a tai-chi toy session where I was pushing slowly and gently….. you know, just to see if I could rise to the challenge…. Not really, so note to self; lots of lube and then add more, check!

9 months later and after training with Grip144 and the Spike105 I think my second hole has opened up and had that “AHAH!” moment where making that bend is now a pleasurable and familiar feeling.

So it only took me 9 months of dating, persuading and coaxing my ass and this monster fucker to play nice. Now they feel like one in the same.

The Erebus120 is massive and if you’re not a super tall person and have a frame under 6 feet then this toy is THEE toy to tame the second hole and stretch that bend. As long as you are thoroughly clean from the top of the descending colon downwards you will love the feeling of the tip as it meanders its way through your folds and finds the top of your rectum and the entrance to that elusive bend and sigmoid chamber that we all strive to play in.

Squatting down on it seems to be the only way to really seat this monster too. The squat aligns your guts and straightens the bend a little more. Ass the Erebus120 impales you deeper and deeper you will feel every single bump, ridge, scale and lump as it slides past your slutty ass into your colon until one of two things happen….. you are either squatting as far down as you can and the tip is at the front door to the sigmoid holding it open or, like me, you have made it past the bend and just enjoying the tip as it continues to massage and stretch the bend.

Conclusion; The Erebus120 is an acquired taste. It takes a while to see where it fits in your collection and how you can use it to expand your skills. It’s a great *overall* toy for stretching, riding, depth training and edging but it won’t do any of these things as a specialty so consider the Erebus120 as a great toy to grow into but never really grow out of. You’ll always go back to it and never store it as one of those toys you’ve lost interest in. AMAZING DESIGN!

Thanks Topped Toys :)

Great new Buddy 😈