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Erebus, the god of darkness and shadow, is Topped Toys' first mouthwatering fantasy dildo. Challenge yourself to overcome the 10.5" wide shaft as you slide down his heavily armoured scales and ridges. Relax your second ring and ride every inch of this sexy phallus to appreciate the HD textured features. Get over the widest point in the middle of the shaft for a slight relief as you rest the balls on your taint. Once you've made it to the base you'll love grinding on the p-spot stimulating folds just above the balls.

Don't just take it from us, let Switch Twink XL's glowing review of the Erebus 120 speak for itself.

Dimensions (in)

Erebus 105
Head Circumference 7.5
Head Diameter 2.3
Max Circumference 10.5
Max Diameter 3.34
Base Circumference 10
Insertable 9.25

Dimensions (cm)

Erebus 105
Head Circumference 18.4
Head Diameter 5.9
Max Circumference 26.7
Max Diameter 8.5
Base Circumference 25.4
Insertable 23.5

Available in these other sizes:

Erebus 80 Erebus 120 / Erebus 140

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stephen O.
Erebus 105

The Erebus collection is a great introduction to Topped Toys.
I love the Erebus 80 but I am in love with my Erebus 105 even more.
It is bigger and you can feel the scales and texture which holds lube really well. I know when my second ring is opened up because of the head and the base diameter gives me a nice juicy rose. This is great Topped Toy that has become my favourite, my desert island dildo !
Curiosity could lead me to the Erebus 120.....

Nice toy

Has a good form. Surface is very smooth, more than others. Firmness is soft, maybe a bit too soft, but better than too hard.
Like it and just bought another toy.

Such a BIG BOY!

Yes, Erebus 105 really stands with the BIG BOYS!
I had orderd one month ago his little brother Erebus 80 and in fact I was'nt really impressed when the small parcel was delivered but : OMG!
E105 is really a different guy : I love its impertinent head that pushes your lips wide open as his strong body slips inside...
So far, I did not manage to take HIM all the way down but, I like to flirt with my toys and give then some time FFor courtship...
Hope Toppedtoys would make and sell an Erebus 95 to fill the wide gap between 80 and 105 : not every guy is already an expert and even though, it is always nice to have a large range of toys to play the progressive way...

The greatest toy

This by far is the greatest toy I have gotten so far from all your toys I have gotten. Every time I play now he makes me get him out to play with. He feels so good going in with every ridge pulling my hole part makes me to ride him right now!

Ffantastic ride!

I have a new best friend, my Erebus 105. At first I thought I I may have over estimated my ability but the texture and flexibility of this toy made it a very comfortable fit. The ridges and angle hit all the right stops, so much so you don't want to let it go! Extremely recommended and looking forward to sizing up! Thanks Topped Toys for another great addition to my collection. Looking forward to introducing him to some select friends. Don't pass on this one!