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Did you want it deeper? So did we. That's why we made the Deep Space, a plug that goes in wide and stays wide all the way to the neck

The tall shape of the Deep Space makes it ideal for squatting over and riding up and down the slightly tapered shaft. The wide mass will hit you deep and slither past your second ring. The grippy HD shaft will drag your lips out as it reverse fucks you.

With a less dramatic taper than our other plugs, you'll likely have to practice to hold this one in. Holding it depends on your ability to consciously relax your deeper muscles. Or, in other words, to make Deep Space inside you just as this plug is designed to do

Read some thoughts from the Deep Space designer on the Topped Blog!

Dimensions (in)

Deep Space 70
Max Circumference 7
Max Diameter 2.2
Neck Circumference 5.25
Neck Diameter 1.7
Insertable 6.5

Dimensions (cm)

Deep Space 70
Max Circumference 17.8
Max Diameter 5.7
Neck Circumference 13.3
Neck Diameter 4.3
Insertable 16.5

Available in these other sizes:

Deep Space 50 Deep Space 80 Deep Space 90 Deep Space 100 / Deep Space 110 / Deep Space 120 / Deep Space 130 Deep Space 140

HD Finish

The Deep Space is our first toy featuring the HD Finish, a matte textured surface that gives more motion feel and grabs onto lube, making sure it gets you slicked up as deep as the toy. HD adds a new level of intensity to riding a toy as it stimulates your lips sliding over the surface, making you aware of every movement. If you're like us, you'll be transfixed with pleasure as you slide up and down this shaft

About Colour Variations

Marbled colours like Forge Red have wide variations in the way the colours mix. These unique colour effects are the result of our hand-making process, and mean that your toy will be a-one-of-a-kind work of beauty. Learn More.

Selecting Your Size

One of the most common reasons customers inquire about returning a product is because they have ordered a toy that is either too large or too small. Due to the nature of our products, we are not able to accept returns because a customer has misjudged the size. Please pay careful attention to the detailed dimensions listed at the top of each product page to make sure that you are ordering a size that you will be happy with. If you are unsure which size is best for you, read our blog post about picking the right size for your experience level, and remember to always play within your abilities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

fantastic, the hd textur is so good, holding lube perfectly and feels amazing. triger all nervs in to a party. and sesn it so soft you can take larger then ever before

Graham M.
Just what I needed

Great toys and a level of softness that allows prolonging wearing. Fast delivery which is useful as I need to buy more.

Completely different experience… and I love every moment

I’m fairly new to anal play. Some of the toys I started with were the Gape Keeper 55/65 (herein known as the GK 55/65) and the Deep Space 50 (DS 50). I could get the GK 55 and the DS 50 perfectly fine after a couple of days, it even eventually felt like there was nothing inside me if I didn’t move. So I took a gander on the next "level up" of the DS family and realized that instead of going up by 10's like the GK, it jumped from 50 to 70. This concerned me since it was a full 2” difference in circumference. I figured that it wouldn’t be that different in size, so I ordered it, but upon receiving the thing, comparing the 50 and 70 together was like night and day. At first, I was certain that I wouldn’t be able to fit it. But after practicing with the GK 65, I was able to slowly get over the widest part. I was expecting it to feel like the DS 50 but once it was fully in? Ho. Ly. Shit. Words cannot describe the different feelings that washed over me. The blunt tip forced its way into my ass, the HD texture tickled as it flew in, and the tapered end made sure that my hole was still wide open. It was so overwhelming and intense (in a good way) that a single tear shed from my eye. And then there was the movement: any resistance to the toy just forced it to shoot right back in. Your body wants to naturally push it out, but due to the shape of the toy, if you squeeze your hole it just pushes deeper into you. It’s like a fucking machine with no mechanics. I’ve never had a toy like this before. I kind of wish that they had a DS 60, but now I think I understand why they don’t: they want you to jump straight into depth play and become addicted to it. This is probably the closest to the sensation of fisting I’ve received so far, and I want more 🤤

Just some words of caution: this isn’t like the DS 50 where you can take it if you’re a beginner. You gotta work up to it. Take it slow, use *lots* of lube and breathe.

Daniel S.

I thought it would take me a few months of play with my Gape Keeper 55 & 65 before being able to take this "big" toy. To my surprise, the tapered head of the Deep Space drills into you and before you know it the whole thing is in! The suction cup on the bottom definitely lets you ride it until you're seeing stars; Welcome to Deep Space!