Which Size Cetos Is Right For Me?

Which Size Cetos Is Right For Me?

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Cetos is a hole stretcher that is not to be underestimated. In 5 sizes, you've got everything you need to become truly cavernous.

The Cetos is a multi-faceted toy that will rearrange your insides completely. It's a sturdy depth and girth stretcher that forces your cunt wide open, with no relief once you hit its wide base. Whether you grind on it, bounce on it, or have a buddy drive it into you, The Cetos Collection will shock and delight you.

Cetos 70

Ready to begin? Good. The Cetos 70 is a perfect introduction to serious toy play. The collection's HD Finish makes this 7" circumference tendril feel extra intense, increasing the motion feel and sending shivers through your lips. Being a good bit thicker and longer than the average cock, it's equipped with a ribbed tapered tip to ease you open and slip in deeper than you'd ever imagine. At 8.25" long, it's long enough to tease open your second ring and get you used to the unique blisses of depth play. That's the magic of The Cetos Collection. It starts off slender and more forgiving but ends with complete cunt destruction. You're in for one hell of a ride. 

Cetos 90

So, you're ready to level up to The Cetos 90. You're definitely going to feel the 2" jump in girth and extra half inch of depth, but that's why you're working so hard to climb the collection, right? Ride it from different angles to experience all of The Cetos 90's potential, each opening up your hole in a new way. Bear down on it to really feel those pronounced ribs popping open your second hole. Fuck it, even twist it around while it's already in you. You'll thank us later. At this size, The Cetos 90's shaft's design really comes into its own. It is carved with strong edges to simulate the edges of a fist, so if you weren't already gunning to become a fist slut, you will be now.  

Cetos 110

Now you're getting into the big leagues. The Cetos 110 is a serious hole-stretcher that will give your gash a run for its money. Now you can see how your training is paying off. Another 2" jump in girth and 1.25" in depth carries the bulk of this thick stretcher even deeper, hollowing out your insides. Being a blissful HD Finish ride from tip to base, The Cetos 110 encourages long and deep thrusts to max out its stretching power. Its sturdy, thick design means you can pop The Cetos 110 down and know that it'll stand up to whatever you've got planned for your hole. Not to mention how its ribbed tip leads to a shaft wider than most fists, burrowing deep and grinding your second ring wide open. Imagine a huge fist that doesn't get narrower past the knuckle, but just keeeeeps going. Don't worry, The Cetos 110 isn't done with you yet. Your hole won't get any relief once you take the whole thing, as its thick neck only leads to its even thicker base. Put all your weight down on it and get pried open that little bit more as The Cetos 110's 10" deep shaft makes your second ring its bitch. If you're training for depth and want your friends to slip far past your second ring, The Cetos 110 will more than do it. But don't worry. Cetos still gets bigger from here. 

Cetos 130

It's insane to look at, isn't it? Can you believe that you're ready to tackle this gigantic tendril of a stretcher? The Cetos Collection's height has maxed out at 10" deep, but the 13" girth of The Cetos 130 is going to fuck your hole up big-time. The Cetos 130 is going to take some serious work to conquer. But you've got it in you, don't you slut? We knew it. The Cetos 130's deceptively slithery design really works wonders at this size, but by no means will it show you any mercy. As you sink lower and lower over its heavily ribbed head, finally popping over the widest point at its carved shaft will suck The Cetos 130 right in, pushing your guts aside to make room for itself. It doesn't care what you think. Its double-taper design just wants to go deeper, and your hole won't get in its way. Whether you're squatting over it, sitting on it, or having a friend drill it into you, The Cetos 130 will overload your mind with bliss as it impales you. 

Cetos 150

You're truly insatiable, aren't you? You've made your way up the Cetos Collection and have arrived at The Cetos 150. The Everest of The Cetos Collection. Are you ready? Of course you are. This is what you're destined to do. The blunt head of The Cetos 150 and its fat shaft are not to be underestimated, no matter how loose you think you are. Once it's through with you, your cunt will be unrecognizable. If you're already taking double-fists, The Cetos 150 will push your limits even further, and stretch your hole even deeper. It's time to take the plunge.

Just looking at it, one has to wonder, "is it even possible to be so loose?" You bet your sagging gash it is. It's what you've been training so hard for, isn't it? With a 15" max circumference, it's not like the monstrous Grip 150 that will pop in and lock into you once you take it. You have to earn The Cetos 150's respect by forcing its bulking mass deep within you to swallow it all, with its 14" circumference neck keeping you held wide open. And no, there's no flare to help you either. You'll have to grind, bounce, and squeeze around it to conquer it all, and it'll torture your hole (or what's left of it) in return. Which is just what you deserve after working so hard to get here. You'll be completely overtaken with bliss and a feeling of utter impalement, helpless to deny The Cetos 150 its rightful place deep in your cunt as it sinks even deeper. The Cetos 150 will literally push your bones out of the way to make room for itself as it drives in, forever changing your pussy. There's nothing like feeling your body give way to a beast like this. By now you'll be taking fists past the second ring, but even that won't satisfy the gaping hole in your heart that The Cetos 150 will leave. So I guess this beast is your new pacifier, eh? Sounds pretty ideal to me. But being 75% heavier than the Grip 150, you'll have to clench with what little lip-grip you have left to hold it in. And if you can't? Perfect. The Cetos 150 has done its job. Now you've got a new warm-up toy for those doubles sessions. You're welcome.

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