SwitchTwinkXL Takes the Erebus 120 Head-On

SwitchTwinkXL Takes the Erebus 120 Head-On

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Erebus’s massive size will overload your senses as it fills your hole completely.

Anyone consumed with a deep lust for large toys is intimately familiar with it: delirious and light-headed, stretched out on a massive toy and desperate for more, you suddenly feel it happening. Your hole gives in ever so slightly. The toy sinks in deeper, and before you know it, it’s buried deep to the hilt. You gasp. Your eyes roll back. And all you want is more.

This is the domain of Erebus, god of deep darkness and shadow. And you are now firmly in his realm, just as he is firmly in you.

The latest creation of the inspired minds of Topped Toys, the Erebus 120 brings together all manners of wicked wonders to satisfy even the greediest of bottoms. First, the armouring: overlapping ridges and scales provides a sensational ribbed texture which you will love as it conquers your hole, inch by aching inch. The design gives both a fantastical element of naughtiness (can you even imagine the beast that goes with such a shaft!) and a euphoric thrill as you give yourself over to the impressive 10 inches of insertable length.

You gasp. Your eyes roll back. And all you want is more.

Second, the width: while the head is a comfortable 8.25 inches round, the thickness widens considerably (but not uncomfortably) to its full girth of 12 inches as you make it to the half-way point. For folks who like ribbed thick toys but who do not like hard and large (and possibly painful) rims on the heads, Erebus’s silicone design is the best of all worlds. You will feel every bump as the head slides in, but in it will go—smoothly claiming your hole as you moan with each ripple and ridge.

Last but not least, once you have entirely given in, Erebus’s massive size will overload your senses as it fills your hole completely. The first time I rode it, I found myself grinding against its massive balls, moaning in delight while my cock leaked precum like crazy. Fuck, I thought, as my second hole surrendered and I felt the full mass settle in, that’s my prostate! Holy shit, holy shit!

A few seconds later, my hole began spasming around the monster buried deep inside it as I squealed out a high-pitched boi-gasm. My slit lips squeezed and pulsed with pleasure, kissing the divine cock that carried me over the edge over and over with each wave of delight.

Needless to say, I cannot recommend Erebus enough—it is an excellent toy sure to carry you into the darkest realms of the deepest pleasures.

~ @SwitchTwinkXL

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