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Get ready to transform your hole into the gash of your dreams.

The Mare Maker 130 is an incredible hole-transformation trainer, designed to stretch your hole into the perfect pussy of your dreams. Mare Maker 130's unique oval shaped bulb helps this monster slip through your pelvis more easily than a round toy. Once it’s in, it stretches your hole into an elongated gash while you struggle to grip the neck with your failing muscles. Grind your taint-side lips up and down the pronounced frontal bump for an absolutely obliterating ride. The heavier front-side flare drops off dramatically, prying your hole open and elongating it with every bounce with insane pleasure. On the back side the slightly flattened shape sits comfortably against your tailbone and makes extended wear much easier. The Mare Maker 130 is breathtaking on the way in, and leg-shaking on the way out. And in, and out, and in…

Don't let its size intimidate you, either. The Mare Maker 130 slides in far more easily than other toys in its size range. If you thought you'd reached your limit with toys like Gape Keeper 116Deep Space 120Hilt 115, or Erebus 120, Mare Maker’s unique shape will blow you away and open you up on a whole new level. It locks in as deep as a Deep Space, while holding itself in as well as a Gape Keeper. It'll be the easiest 13 inches you'll ever take – or will it just seem easy as it turns your hole inside out? You'll only know after you finish riding it and look in the mirror to discover your hole has become a lippy, puffy, elongated gash. In other words, a mare cunt.

Dimensions (in)

Mare Maker 130
Max Circumference 13
Max Diameter 4.1
Neck Circumference 8.5
Neck Diameter 2.7
Insertable 8.5

Dimensions (cm)

Mare Maker 130
Max Circumference 33
Max Diameter 10.4
Neck Circumference 21.6
Neck Diameter 6.9
Insertable 21.6

About Colour Variations

Marbled colours like Forge Red have wide variations in the way the colours mix. These unique colour effects are the result of our hand-making process, and mean that your toy will be a-one-of-a-kind work of beauty. Learn More.

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Customer Reviews

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Another great TT

This is my 7th TT. Ordered it the launching we. Shipped in Europe from the NL (no pun intended) and arrived the following thursday morning.
Having already an old mare's (ass)cunt and still in search for the perfect plug, this one was intended for comfort… and reveals great. While someway huge, it slips in easily and is literally sucked in once the thickest part reached and grips well between the lips. In my opinion, its particularity is its length which makes it go through your second ring, making it still filling but more comfortable than the Gape keepers 128 and 140, and the Grip 150.
The Obsidian (black) is also a great addition.

As advertised, its cross section is oval, which is great in the front side with its amazing bump, despite some room is wasted on the sides in the back, at least for a male hipbone.
If the expected 140, 150… would gain girth by growing to a more triangular shape, as well as for the neck where the tailbone rests, they would deserve a 6th star !