Which Mare Maker Is Right For Me?

Which Mare Maker Is Right For Me?

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So you're finally ready to take the plunge and start changing your hole forever, eh? The raw pussification power of The Mare Maker has been transforming cunts around the world, gifting people with the most luscious, elongated mare cunts imaginable.

But which size is right to get you started on your transformation? As The Mare Maker slips in more easily than other toys with similar max girths, we'll be breaking down the incredible ride that each size in The Mare Maker Collection provides. Designed to be incredibly ergonomic and easy to train on, you'll be shocked by just how easy it is to work up the entire collection. Say goodbye to your hole as you knew it, because by the time The Mare Maker is through with you, it'll be unrecognizable. From a tight little pucker to the long, loose pussy of your dreams. Welcome aboard.

The Mare Maker 70

You've arrived at Mare Cunt Station! Ready to embark on your pussification journey? The Mare Maker 70 is a sleek plug that slips in easily, so if you're already taking toys like The Gape Keeper® 65, you're ready for this one. It'll definitely fill you up more than the average cock, but it's incredibly comfortable to ride and hold. At this size, The Mare Maker 70 will tease and press against your prostate with every equeze, without feeling overwhelming. This is a great long-term wear plug, and one to get you used to the intense feelings that the girth+depth combo of The Mare Maker Collection is truly capable of.

The Mare Maker 85

The Mare Maker 85 adds another 1.5 inches in girth and 1 inch of depth, but you'd never think that you've sized up so much with how easily this size still slides in. As your hole slips over and around The Mare Maker 85's oblong shape, you'll feel it giving way and starting to stretch out in a very different way to more symmetrical plugs. That extra tug to the ends of your hole is exactly what The Mare Maker Collection is all about. Your mare pussy is already starting to form. Even better, you or a friend can rotate The Mare Maker 85 around inside you and batter your prostate in an overwhelming way.

This size of Mare Maker, as well as The Mare Maker 70 and The Mare Maker 100, have a neat trick up their sleeve. As they're super comfortable but go just deep enough to tease your second ring, they're a clever and fun way to make sure you're clean enough for your session. Pop it in for 5 minutes in the shower as you rinse off, and it'll jostle your second ring enough to let you know if you need to do another pass with the douche. If you're all good, well, you can just slip out of the shower with a toy already in you for someone to yank out and replace with something else~

The Mare Maker 100

Time to level up. The Mare Maker 100 is another 1.5 inch jump in girth and another inch in length that'll have you whinnying with bliss. Its oblong shape focuses the stretching power on the front and back of your lips, negating some of the pressure on your hip bones. Once the bulb finally pops in, Mare Makers seemingly suck themselves in deeper all on their own like a Deep Space. The shallower backside will nestle more comfortably against your tailbone, but its huge pronounced front will absolutely juice your prostate like a lemon. Whether you're wearing it long-term or riding it like a bucking bronco, rocking and popping your hole over its intense body-to-neck ratio, it's a hell of a ride. At this size, you're going to start visibly noticing your hole elongating and transforming. But, your work isn't over yet.

The Mare Maker 100 also makes an incredible plug for fisting tops, as it keeps your hole stuffed and training without being too overwhelming to distract you from the job (or hole) at hand. It locks in tight and is just heaven to clench and squirm on while you fistfuck someone's brains out.

The Mare Maker 115

Woooah there, pony. The Mare Maker 115 is where things start getting really serious. Your training is really going to start to show with this one. The sheer heft and girth increase of this plug is nothing to scoff at, as it fills your hole out with a similar feeling to a huge, thick fist. If you've been able to take fists so far, this The Mare Maker's gonna become your new favourite pacifier. If you're especially brave, rotating it around in your hole will completely pulverize your prostate and put a perfectly punishing-yet-pleasurable pressure on your hip bones, making you feel like the abused little slut you truly are. Now you can look back at your cunt in the mirror and revel in how much it has been transformed. But don't get too comfortable. You've got two more sizes to master before you can claim a real mare cunt.

The Mare Maker 130

You want to go big, so we're gonna go big. The Mare Maker 130 makes an intense increase in mass and girth from the Mare Maker 115, and having so much of its weight up high puts a heavenly strain on your second ring. That perfect mix of width-stretching and impalement is what makes The Mare Maker Collection so powerful. It still slips in with more ease than big toys like The Erebus 120 or The Deep Space 120, but don't underestimate it at all. At this size, it demands all of your attention and makes you feel like a complete whore, held open with such force that you'll likely have trouble even staying hard. When a toy is so big that it overrides your hardon and takes over your mind, you know you're in the big leagues and can no longer deny what a ravenous slut you are.

When taking The Mare Maker 130 all the way, that pop of the flare dropping off will completely rearrange your insides. It feels like your hole drops and sucks in all around it on its own. So just imagine trying to push it back out... That wide front bulge will strain and stretch against your hole with such a ferocity, that you'll never be satisfied with smaller toys again. At this point, your hole has been elongated and stretched out so beautifully, like a real mare's pussy just begging for fists and toys to plunge it without mercy. But if you're sitting here reading this while bouncing over The Mare Maker 130 like it's nothing, then you're ready for...

The Mare Maker 138

The Mare Maker 138. The apex of The Mare Maker Collection. Let's face it, at this point your cunt has already been stretched and transformed beyond recognition, so what have you got to lose? Well, your tightness, that's for sure. But that's why you're here. That's what got you up to this point. The unending hunt for a luscious, drooping, elongated pussy that no top could ever resist shoving themselves into at first sight. The Mare Maker 138 is an incredibly aspirational plug, and the kind of plug that once conquered becomes the talk of your circles. This is the toy you're destined to take.

While The Mare Maker 138 is only a 0.8" increase in circumference from The Mare Maker 130, the plug's total mass at this scale skyrockets. So much of its weight is up higher that it brings you this other-wordly fullness, and we challenge any of you sluts out there to hold it for more than 10 minutes before your hole simple gives up and locks it in place. Good lucky trying to push it out on your own, because you'll be a babbling, pre-leaking mess. Take everything that made The Mare Maker 130 a total hole-buster and turn it up to 11. 

Once you've conquered The Mare Maker 138, truly anything is possible. Some sluts have even told us that it's such an intense ride that they can't even cum from it, but once they pop it out and shove a Mare Maker 130 in, they're cumming in seconds. The Mare Maker 138 is one of those toys that can truly warm you up for anything, so you can really get the most out of your other toys and ride them like they're nothing. No neet to stretch and squirm, they just slurp right in, so you can get lost in the sensation and fuck your guts out like it's no one's business.

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