Juicer 105

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Prepare to enter a whole new world of pleasure as the Juicer enters your deepest reaches. With a revolutionary corduroy texture that spins against the direction of its spiralling shaft, this incredible depth fucker sends shivers up your spine quite unlike anything else ever has before.

Max Circumference 10.5
Max Diameter 3.3
Tip Circumference 2.5
Tip Diameter .8
Neck Circumference 8
Neck Diameter 2.5
Insertable 18
Max Circumference 26.7
Max Diameter 8.4
Tip Circumference 6.4
Tip Diameter 2
Neck Circumference 20.3
Neck Diameter 6.4
Insertable 45.7

Need help picking the right size? If it's your first time using our toys we suggest starting with a size you know you'll be able to handle. Once you're familiar with our super flexible silicone, you'll be able to size up safely. Pay careful attention to the detailed size charts in both inches and cm to make sure that you are ordering a size that you will be happy with. For a slutty and informative taste of the Juicer and what depth training is all about, read Depth Training 101! Remember to always play safely within your abilities so you can keep playing for years to come.

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Juicer 105
$225 | Blue Steel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dios mío!

This thing is crazy fun. It goes in and deep so easily. Rotating it will give you mind blowing pleasure. Every hole I've put it in has been driven to ecstasy. It is my favorite depth toy and one of my favs.

Simply the best...

Im a proud owner of GK93, GK108 and DS100. I cant praise these toys or Topped toys enough but The Juicer 105 takes the cake. Can i give it 6 stars? It starts slow but then it comes, the shape and texture is amazing. Last night i took the whole thing. What a feeling when my ass just opened up and took the last inch. Its amazing, was in heaven. Sorry but I am just unable to discribe the feeling. Just true blizz. This is by far the best toy I ever have had.

So if you like depth what are you waiting for. Buy it now or better you should have bought it yesterday.

You guys deserve the Nobel Prize for these amazing toys. So well made.


Golo Opener , Depth

I already have the Grip 126, Mordax 115
I recently I am Fistee in the practice of Fisting and I chose now the depth 105 and the pleasure has increased and I fart really loudly during the day on training days!! It's absolutely amazing!
My anus feels like a tunnel now .
I'm a happy Bottom and Fistee ! I recommend..

Totally changed my mind

I wrote a 2 star review but I was totally wrong. I just was riding the juicer at the wrong angle. Would absolutely recommend.

I'll be on 'Do Not Disturb' for the rest to the day....

My new Juicer 105 just arrived and wow, brings a tear to my eye just looking at it. Can't wait to get (it) stuck in. Well done Topped Toys, excellent product and outstanding service, as always.