Mordax 75

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You can't believe you're about to take this thing balls deep, can you?

At first glance this hyper-textured dildo looks like an absolute monster, because it is. Inspired by the wild mushrooms native to our home of British Columbia, this mouthwatering phallus is full of purpose. Every accentuated flare and bump will drive your puss absolutely wild going in, and pop-pop-pop pull your lips on the way out. Mordax's texture massages and rubs every fold of your insides like nothing else. While it's only 7.5" around, it clocks in at 10" of insertable shaft, making it perfectly balanced for those long, deep thrusts you crave. You'll find that Mordax feels like it always wants to go deeper and deeper. 

Dimensions (in)

Mordax 75
Head Circumference 5.1
Head Diameter 1.6
Max Circumference 7.5
Max Diameter 2.4
Circumference Near Base 7.8
Insertable 8.5

Dimensions (cm)

Mordax 75
Head Circumference 13
Head Diameter 4
Max Circumference 19.1
Max Diameter 6.1
Circumference Near Base 19.8
Insertable 21.6

Available in these other sizes:

Mordax 90 / Mordax 105 / Mordax 115

Selecting Your Size

One of the most common reasons customers inquire about returning a product is because they have ordered a toy that is either too large or too small. Due to the nature of our products, we are not able to accept returns because a customer has misjudged the size. Please pay careful attention to the detailed dimensions listed at the top of each product page to make sure that you are ordering a size that you will be happy with. If you are unsure which size is best for you, read our blog post about picking the right size for your experience level, and remember to always play within your abilities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Just what the doctor ordered for warm up to deeper and better!


Amazing, fits right in.

Love it!!!

As far as background, I already own the Gape keeper 65 and Grip 70.

Now, the MORDAX 75 was love at first sight.

I remember opening the package and noticing the head; I fell in love right away. It is the mixture of being non-realistic and still having realistic elements that made me love this toy prior to even using it.

As far as size, I had been looking for a toy that is girthy and long. However, many toys seemed to offer very challenging sizes for my like and ability. When I got The MORDAX 75, it was the right size as far as girth, and its length has allowed me to practice with depth.

I personally did not find the texture to be painful nor uncomfortable. On the picture it might seem to be too much, but it is actually pleasant given how soft the MORDAX is.

Lastly, the MORDAX 75 can stand on its own. Sometimes big soft toys can't really stand by themselves, but this one does. So, you can ride it and still enjoy its softness without running after it :)

Overall, I love this toy.

James T.
Every Ridge Hitting Every Spot

Previously I had enjoyed smoother toys. Texture on those toys felt rough and unpleasant. Not Mordax. Every ridge is soft enough for a smooth ride, but firm enough to push your buttons. The feeling of ridges pulling at your lips while also massaging your prostate is so wild I am going to stop writing this and sit on Mordax again.