Pump It Up with Cunt & Rosebud Pumps

Pump It Up with Cunt & Rosebud Pumps

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You can picture it right now, can't you? A plump, puffy, luscious, donut-shaped cunt that is just begging to be made-out with, stretched out, and ravaged. It's the perfect bullseye for cocks, fists, and toys. With enhanced sensations then fucking or toying, it sounds fucking perfect doesn't it? It's time to pump it up.

Maybe you're looking to finally train out that rosebud and cuntmeat just like you've seen online. You know the type. Hefty, hot, meaty rosebuds pushed out past your cheeks, stroked and licked and a true sign of being a slut beyond repair. 

And if you're a real nasty pig, you're after them both.

Holes like this aren't reserved for fantasy and pornstars, but are easily achievable. Our two Rosebud Cunt Pumps, one with a probe and one without, are the perfect combo to overhaul your hole and make it even more irresistible. On top of that, sensations from hole-play are heightened from being pumped up beforehand, making it even more incredible. Safety is paramount of course, so we recommend being extremely cautious with pressure levels until you have a better sense of the Hand Pump's power. 

Rosebud Pump Cylinder With Probe

If you're looking for that delicious donut, this is the perfect pump for you. Call me obsessed, but I've started using this Cylinder a few nights a week like clockwork because it's so easy and comfortable to throw a quick pumping session after work. It feels so fulfilling to have my hole tugged on and pumped up, with the slightest bit of pressure bringing my attention entirely to my lips. It turns my hole's sensitivity up a ton, too, so when the hubby and I finally crawl into bed and he plays with my hole... it's difficult to describe just how it makes me infinitely hornier and more responsive.

On a technical level, its carved opening sits right between your cheeks for a perfect seal, with a long sleek probe for your lips to wrap around. As you build pressure, the probe guides your hole up and around it, expanding its volume without pulling out your rosebud. Hold that pressure for a few minutes and let it do its magic. It's also super hot to use a mirror to watch as your hole puffs and perks right out. Once you're good and pumped, release the pressure and slip the pump off to revel in your new donut of a hole. You're gonna fall in love with it just like I have.

Rosebud Pump Cylinder Without Probe

Now this one is something totally different, and totally wild. I'd never been one for rosebud/prolapse play before, but once I experienced the bliss of the Probed Rosebud Pump Cylinder, I knew I had to try its other variant to see what had my friends raving. And boy, was this an incredible ride.

Where the Probed Rosebud Pump Cylinder holds your hole in place and guides your lips around it, the Probeless version has a very different effect. So when I'm on my back, legs up at my husband's mercy as he grips the Hand Pump, each gentle squeeze and increase in pressure tugs on my entire cunt, the lips and my inner hole, bringing out my rosebud with it. He showed me a picture of it in the Cylinder, and woof... my mind was made up pretty quickly. It was time to start working on my rosebud in a serious way. I wanted more. Bigger. Bolder. Sloppier. And thankfully, so did the hunk holding the Hand Pump~

As you start to pump, your hole will perk up like with the Probed Cylinder, but then it will keep going until it opens right up, revealing your hot red insides and hanging them open for all to see. It is truly a thing of beauty. If you've been hunting huge hanging prolapses and rosebuds, this Cylinder will more than get you there.

It's only been a couple weeks of regular pumping between the two styles, and I can already feel my hole's base looseness growing, while my hole itself is growing and getting juicier. I never thought it'd be so easy, but here we are! 

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