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If you're maxed out on the Grip 134 and hungry for more, then you need The Grip 144. Take your transformation to new mind stretching widths as you slide down this classic cone-shaped plug. Work your way to the 4.6-inch wide maximum stretch, then pop over the edge and feel this plug settle into place.

With a 14.4-inch circumference at the widest point and a quick taper to a 10.6-inch neck, The Grip locks in place perfectly while conforming to the contours of your hole thanks to our super soft material. Squeeze and you’ll feel the base against your straining hole. It feels so good, you might never want it out.

This isn't your Daddy's cone plug (unless he's your Daddy *wink*). With exceptional design detail and the best material available, The Grip is a cone plug that's made by sluts, for sluts. You'll love it. Trust us.

Like all Topped Toys, The Grip is made of our super soft platinum silicone which offers unparalleled flexibility while still providing maximum stretch. Our platinum silicone is also easy to clean, dishwasher safe, stain and smell resistant, and certified for body contact applications.

Which Size Grip Is Right For Me?

Dimensions (in)

Grip 144
Max Circumference 14.4
Max Diameter 4.6
Neck Circumference 10.6
Neck Diameter 3.4
Insertable 7.5

Dimensions (cm)

Grip 144
Max Circumference 37
Max Diameter 11.8
Neck Circumference 27
Neck Diameter 8.6
Insertable 19

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About Colour Variations

Marbled colours like Forge Red have wide variations in the way the colours mix. These unique colour effects are the result of our hand-making process, and mean that your toy will be a-one-of-a-kind work of beauty. Learn More.

Selecting Your Size

One of the most common reasons customers inquire about returning a product is because they have ordered a toy that is either too large or too small. Due to the nature of our products, we are not able to accept returns because a customer has misjudged the size. Please pay careful attention to the detailed dimensions listed at the top of each product page to make sure that you are ordering a size that you will be happy with. If you are unsure which size is best for you, read our blog post about picking the right size for your experience level, and remember to always play within your abilities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A beautiful challenge

The grip series is amazing, this one is pushing the limits of my bone structure. This is the third Grip I've bought, and they've all been amazingly pleasurable. The taper allows you to work your way up as slowly as you need to until your can make it over the edge where it'll fit into place with a satisfying pop. The intense fullness is enhanced by a satisfying grind as it's widest point rests inside right against your prostate. The material is soft enough to compress sufficiently to comfortably push past your limits while also strong enough to force its way past your barriers. The grips are my favorite model of topped toys, and with each ride on this it gets closer to being my favorite grip. My grip 126 still sits in that spot, as it requires less warm up, but in a few weeks I expect this to become my ride of choice.

Worth every penny

When the toy first arrived I thought how am I going to conquer this monster. Well, I lube up, warmed up and slowly engaged the toy.

I love the way it doesn’t just race into your cave, you can feel It slowly working itself in and the feeling is fantastic.

I haven’t quite managed to get the whole thing in yet but a few more sessions and I will be enjoying the full size of this fantastic toy and then will look to move up a size or two.

If you think it’s a lot to pay, then I say it’s many times the value of lesser priced toys, especially for the quality and the gratitude your dirty slut hole will give you.

Xanadu -.R.
The Grip 144, another great plug!

First off, Topped Toys creates some of the absolute best platinum silicone Toys anywhere. The comfort of each toy I have purchased is unparalleled. Years ago when Topped Toys changed names I began buying their products. For The Grip I began with the 126 then 134 and as of the Black Friday sale I have The Grip 144. The Grip 144 is fully an inch larger than the 134, the design of the cone more broad, I took my time and over a few days had the plug fully inside and I am in sheer delight. At this time I have a collection of 9 Topped Toys, after my first few purchases I created an account for easy buying. The customer service with Topped Toys is excellent. Anytime I have had a question or size concern they have readily responded, they really make you feel valued, and this I appreciate. I highly recommend Topped Toys to anyone looking to expand your horizons!

Well P.
Mmm, mmm, MMMM!

To start, I LOVE the grip 150, and if the boys make a 160, that will be in my arsenal too. The stretch of the big platinum silcone is SO good, and I love wrecking my hole with many dozens of pops at a time. The only drawback for me personally is that the size of the 150 only allows me to keep it inside for a little while before the pressure on my nerves causes my cock to go numb. 18 minutes has been my max on it. Enter the 144...

This plug is delicious. My well played, hungry ass juuuuuust about completely swallowed this entire plug the first day iI got it, and I suspect it will completely eat it very soon. Just like the 150, I can ride the fuck out of this plug to give myself a thorough trashing. The side benefit is that I can keep it inside for longer with more comfort. No question I am a size pig. A 134 would disappear in my ass in a heartbeat. Love the 144 and the 150.

This thing will make you moan like a sex starved slut!

First off I just want to thank Topped toys for all their wonderful products. - I used to be extremely speptical and critical of, what I believed at the time to be "these overpriced toys" but here is the thing.... Once you get one of these Platinum silicone sex toys in your hands, feel how soft it is and then eventually get it inside you, it becomes apparent how valuable, safe and well designed these toys really are. They can literally last a lifetime and sold or passed on as an heirloom. Kidding.. Or am I? either way the bang for the buck is way better than cheaper toys. Anyways, on with the review....

My very first Grip toy was the Grip126 back in 2019, it was amazing and a great trainer for the 134 which I purchased in Nov 2020 along with the Grip 106 which was intended for long term wear..... The 134 was never a consideration until I read Jazzmatazz's review ( )and I knew then and there that I just had to have it. I wasn't disappointed and although the Grip134 presented quite the challenge, I eventually managed to take it. With month after month of lockdowns and Covid isolation I quickly became a pro at squatting down on the Grip134 and taking it all the way down to the pop at the very bottom of the base. INCREDIBLE!!!!

Ass time passed I noticed that the 134 was not ass challenging ass it used to be so I began training for the 144. It all started with just more reps, longer hold times and more lube. Now let's be real here.... The Grip144 is a conically shaped butt plug that quickly tapers out to a width of over 4.5 inches and that is nothing to take lightly. On top of that it is expensive, I won't lie about that. So how in the word would I know if I could take it???? What signal would the FISTING GODS shower me with to let me know I'm ready? To be honest, fingers..... As my training with the Grip134 continued I started fingering the base to see if I could work a finger in between my butt and the plug itself. Well, not only was it possible but I managed two and then three. My training continued like this every session. Take the 134 to the base,add fingers to stretch my hole wider, repeat. Eventually that became quite easy and that's when I took the plunge and ordered the Grip144.

I received it in the mail a few hours ago today and OH - MY - GOD!!!! It's HUUUUGE!!!!. So intimidating. A real elitist butt plug. Just looking at it you can almost hear it saying; "You ain't gettin' me in without a fight, I can guarantee you that!"

I pulled out ALL the stops and prepped my play space. Some desensitizing cream (use carefully), poppers, jojoba oil, Crisco and some Anusol for aftercare. In went a tiny amount of desensitizing cream to take the edge off, then the jojoba oil and then I added the Crisco. I applied the cream liberally and squatted over this giant slut fuck of a toy. In went the tip... OOOKAYY?... Feels familiar, until I hit my limit. My ass was as stretched as it could be and seeing as how I didn't really warm up with any other toy, I was stuck at the halfway mark. No amount of weight, focus, concentration or relaxation was going to open my ass up more..... I tried a little bouncing but the stretch started getting a little painful so I got off the 144 and onto the 134. It felt so nice and familiar and comfortable. Like an old pair of shoes. I quickly sank my entire ass over this still mammoth plug and swallowed it in one squat. There I sat on the ground waiting and fantasizing about what possibilities would emerge in the next 24 hours. The 144 was either going to be an amazing butt plug that would stretch me to new heights or it would be one of the most expensive and squishy door stops in history.

I soon found out. ;)

After a good 10 minutes of massaging my ass with the entire width of the Grip134 I got off of it with a nice satisfied moan and moved onto the Grip144. Again, with all 158Lbs of my weight on it, it still would not spread my ass fully open. all I needed was more weight... Enter my 20Lb Dumbbells. With the dumbbells on either side of me I grabbed on and waited for my body weight to max out my stretch. When my ass just would not go deeper, I took one really long whiff of poppers, held it for 15 seconds and exhaled. WELL THAT WAS IT! Everything came to life and started moving again. I could feel my ass open up and very very slowly swallow the Grip144 with every breath. I grabbed the weights tight and pulled on them as slowly as I could to create even more steady pressure and wiggled my ass back and forth... Side to side until I had reached the bottom. Was it over? HELL NO!!!! I gasped, moaned and swore like a full on slut as the tip of the 144 probed and rearranged my insides. Then with a very noticeable and violent pop, it locked itself DEEP inside me. More swearing, moaning, eyes rolling back in my head and the most euphoric and satisfied feeling of fullness and surrender. I was in total heav...