Topped Toys Seconds Sale

Canada Day Sale 2021

The 2021 Canada Day Sale begins Wednesday June 30th at Noon PST, and extend a whole week until Wednesday July 7th at Midnight PST.


  • Seconds Toys are sold at 25% off the regular price of a new toy.
    • Seconds are available on a first come first served basis, so act fast to save on all those toys you've been eyeing!
  • Get free shipping on every toy purchase during the Canada Day Sale, whether or not it's a Seconds Toy
    • Canada Day is a statutory holiday, and we appreciate your patience as we work hard to get all of your orders shipped out quickly when we return.
With the wild, hot summer ahead of us, now's the time to stock up for all the fun you've got planned ;)

Our Training Center has tons of guides and tips to help you take home everything your hole craves.

Get discounts on these toys. All are still TONS of fun and safe to use, but have small imperfections. Snap these toys up while they last. All sales are final.

What makes a toy a Second?

Seconds toys have cosmetic imperfections like minor colour defects, small surface bubbles, or notches in the base. All toys are safe to use.


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