Grip or Gape Keeper? Two Toys You Desperately Need

Grip or Gape Keeper? Two Toys You Desperately Need

Should you get the Grip? Or slide onto the Gape Keeper? Or maybe both?

If you’re baffled by the choice, read on for an eye opening description of the unique qualities of these two popular stretching collections. At the end, you should have a better idea of which parts of your anatomy each of these toys stimulate, and why

Gape Keeper

The Gape Keeper is a bulb shaped plug with a base that’s designed to fit between your cheeks allowing you to slide a pair of pants on over the plug and head outside. The smaller sizes are perfect if you're new to plugs or if you’re looking for a pacifier to keep you company at night. The larger sizes are amazing if you're training to take a fist (or double fist).

The mass of the Gape Keeper sits deep inside you. And, thanks to the length of the larger sizes, these plugs definitely engage or penetrate your second ring. The larger Gape Keepers will create lots of space inside you. They are perfect if you want a wide hole with plenty of room to play in.

The bulbous shape of the Gape Keeper also means that sliding onto it is an experience so satisfying you might just find yourself riding the widest point. As the toy slides through your hole you’ll be gently but forcefully stretched. Then it slowly sinks its way deep into you as your sphincter tries to settle on the narrowest point of the neck. The sensation will be a fight between your hole and your second ring that can be tantalizing. We’ve found your second ring almost always loses the battle after a few minutes. You’ll love the feeling as your body gives up and the plug gets sucked in deeper.

Speaking of the neck, pay attention to the ratio between the widest point and the neck on these monsters. You’ll see that we’ve pushed the neck dimensions to the max providing a real feeling of width after the toy slides in. At first, this can make the toy harder to hold in. But once you develop the depth required to suck this bulb in, you’ll find holding it feels AMAZING.

The Grip

Before you run off and buy the Gape Keeper, consider the Grip.

The Grip is a cone-shaped plug. The design of the Grip started with the idea that it should really pop into place and be a challenge to remove. That’s why you see a dramatic tapering to the neck. You’ll understand what we mean when it pops into place. Plus the base of this plug looks delicious with your lips stretched around it.

The bulk of the Grip’s mass is low and the insertable length is relatively short so you’ll never bottom out your depth with these toys. Maxing out your width is a different story. The consistent stretch down the cone is perfect for training your hole wider. And, once you pop it in you’ll appreciate the giant neck the keeps your hole stretched tight around it.
For those of you who like longer wear (from a few minutes up) you’ll find that the lower mass, fat neck, and super soft platinum silicone material make the Grip an excellent addition to your ass destruction arsenal. Push it out a few times and your lips will look amazingly puffy and used as they fight to overcome the tightly tapered neck. Do it ten times and you’ll see a slack gape that is perfect for smothering a lucky someone’s face.

The Bottom Line

The Gape Keeper gives you space and the Grip gives you width, so you need them both. We’ve staggered the sizes of these toys to allow you to move back and forth between the two series as you work your way up on your journey to a perfectly trashed dick slot.

Looking for depth? Check out Spike! Want depth AND width, try the Deep Space collection! ;)