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XLube Concentrated Powder Lubricant

Looking for the right lube to use with Topped Toys? Look no further than XLube.

XLube is the leading preservative-free water-based lubricant that's super slick with just the right amount of cushion. It's perfect for getting just about anything inside you.

Each 100g bottle of XLube powder makes over 20 liters of lube, so you'll never run out. And, unlike other lubes, XLube is sugar-free so your bottle will stay fresh longer and won't get tacky.

Cleanup is easy. Just throw your sheets into the wash with regular detergent and wipe up any spills with a clean cloth.

  • White lube powder-granulates, dissolve easily in water producing a clear gel
  • Easy to mix, easy to clean, very economical: one bottle (100g) makes 20+ litres
  • Extremely long-lasting, cushioning lube with a natural feel
  • Free of sugars, additives, fillers, odors and any tastes

MADE IN GERMANY - certified as non-cytotoxic (ISO10993-5)

Customer Reviews

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Total Game Changer!

XLube is a total game change for me. I’ve been using Jlube since the start of my ass stretching life. I had no idea I was missing out on such a smoother ride with Xlube. You use less of it and it’s is so damn slick! I love Xlube!

Bernard H.
Great product

Really good product. Easy to clean and slippery as hell

Very slippery

Well worth the money as it makes a lot of lube! Follow the instructions and it will be a good start for whatever viscosity you like. I find it's the best lube available for silicon toys. It coats them in a super slippery layer so that your delicate skin and a tacky hunk of silicon feel virtually no friction. It's easy to deal with being water based. It takes some effort to wash off however.
Why not throw it in your Topped Toys order as they are about the cheapest you'll find it for sale and it's convenient and you'll have it quick.
I don't use it for skin on skin activities (I have my own homemade lube for that) but you certainly could. I still do add a couple drops of peppermint oil and about a tbs of Jojoba oil which they relax smooth muscle, smell nice, and have antibacterial properties, all things that work well for lube. And I mix it up in a squeeze bottle (Gaterade bottles are great) and freeze leftovers so it doesn't spoil and it's in a safe spot it won't spill. Just careful with plastic containers and the microwave, best to thaw on the counter or hot water.
But seriously try it out!


Best lube i have tried. Smooth feeling and easy to mix.