Chute 100

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This innovative plug will give your hole a great stretch while leaving you open for your partner to shove their cock (or another toy) right in along the fuck-chute. Designed to be deep enough to keep their thrusts aimed right where at your prostate, you’ll love the extra stretch of being double penetrated. The Chute is a great toy for both tops and bottoms to enjoy together. Use it with your partner, take it to a party to show off your bottom’s skills, or shove another toy in with it. The possibilities are truly endless.

Max Circumference 10
Max Diameter 3.2
Neck Circumference 6.75
Neck Diameter 2.1
Insertable 6.25
Max Circumference 25.4
Max Diameter 8.1
Neck Circumference 17.1
Neck Diameter 5.3
Insertable 15.9

Need help picking the right size? If it's your first time using our toys we suggest starting with a size you know you'll be able to handle. Once you're familiar with our super flexible silicone, you'll be able to size up safely. Pay careful attention to the detailed size charts in both inches and cm to make sure that you are ordering a size that you will be happy with. For a slutty dive into what makes the Chute truly revolutionary, read this mouthwatering review! Remember to always play safely within your abilities so you can keep playing for years to come.

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Chute 100
1.082 kr | Blue Steel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Complete slut maker

I was hesitant to buy.. but after a few hours of playing with the Chute 100, I knew one thing was certain: why had my hole neglected this wonderful toy for so long?

When paired with another dildo or boyfriend’s cock, my eyes were rolling to the back of my head instantly. Deep enough to keep the second ring opened while simultaneously orgasming from the sensation of prostate being pounded. Truly wonderful feeling.

Exactly what I needed

I wanted that extra stretch. This gives you an easy in to the next size up.

Top approved, Bottom's best toy

Bought this as a bottom to try it out, and it far exceeded my expectations. Getting fucked is so much more intense. You feel the dick so much more, and if you position the chute up, then your prostate gets pounded like crazy. I was having non-stop anal orgasms. You wouldn't think that after having this huge toy in, a (relatively) smaller dick would make much a difference but oh boy you'd be wrong. The intensity and pleasure felt like it doubled once I was getting fucked while wearing this compared to just wearing it (which was great on its own).
All the tops i've used this with (N = 4 thus far) LOVED this and commented on how good it made their dick feel. They really enjoyed seeing me convulse with anal orgasms too. They had to hold back so-as not to cum too quickly.

Pleasure plug

I love the chute 100. Feels good to wear any time of the day, but i usually don't wear it to long as it turns me on too much. Both myself and boyfriend love it too, as I sometimes put it in before we have sex, and he will start fucking me with it inside me too. With his 8 inch and thick cock and it in there, let me tell you that is a very full ass that I have. He loves it after when I take it out and have that nice wide feeling for him to play with it. Love it1 Should have bought one years ago!

Mind blowing

I am so glad I decided to get the Chute 100. I was debating a smaller size but as I can already take large circumferences, this ended up being the obvious choice. It immediately became a go to toy for me, whether playing solo or with another. As a solo toy it easily pops in and is extremely comfortable and allows access for my fingers or another dildo to probe and massage my prostate. I’m lucky enough to have used it with a partner, both whilst topping and bottoming. As a top it is smooth and rubs exactly the right spot, wrapping the underside of my member with its soft and smooth embrace. As a bottom, I have never felt such pleasure whilst taking a dick (which is saying a lot). It directs their dickhead directly on my prostate and I was trembling with ecstasy immediately. I ended up on cloud nine whilst I spurted a huge load all over myself. If you can take the Gapekeeper 93, this toy is HIGHLY recommended. You won’t regret it. Bargain.