Topped Mixes with DJ Kees Kool

Topped Mixes with DJ Kees Kool


So you are all worked up for your play session. Fresh lube and toys are ready. A sexy partner is on the way. You just need to find the right music.

Good music makes a session so much better by moving the players along a connected path, synchronizing the play, and providing natural transitions or breaks between heavy and soft sections. The wrong music can jolt the bottom out of their headspace or distract the top. There’s nothing worse than trying to skip a song with lube-covered hands and a head full of poppers.

Our favourite play tracks are long (usually 90+ minutes) continuous mixes that accompany us through the whole session, leaving our minds to focus on the play. We like to start with relaxing atmospheric beats that compliment connected touching as we drop into the headspace and loosen up for the session. As our bodies respond and we get hungrier the music matches the play with a transition to heavier beats and the session picks up. The best music holds us between heavy segments and recovery segments that allow us to keep going and going and going, taking more than we thought possible and loving every minute of it.

Finding these extended tracks isn’t easy, so we thought we’d reach out to one of the DJ’s behind our favourite play mixes to start a new collaborative project, Topped Mixes. Topped Mixes is a series of free play-focused music sponsored by The Boys at Topped Toys.

DJ KEES KOOL is an accomplished DJ with a passion for play. With an understanding of our goals and our philosophy he set out to make the first Topped Mix, All Day I Dream. This 2-hour spiritual journey starts with relaxation before moving to segments of high and low intensity sounds that compliment and advance your session. We love it for solo, one-on-one, and group sessions.

Now grab your toy collection and get started on your next sexual adventure!

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