Gape Keeper® 75

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Slide your hole over the super soft platinum silicone bulb of the Gape Keeper® and you'll immediately see why this is a perfect all-day plug. The soft material fills you without putting pressure on the wrong spaces and the shaped base is designed to hide under a pair of jeans. Now you never have to leave home unplugged again.

Gape Keeper 75
Max Circumference 7.5
Max Diameter 2.4
Neck Circumference 4.5
Neck Diameter 1.4
Insertable 5.5
Gape Keeper 75
Max Circumference 19
Max Diameter 6.1
Neck Circumference 11.5
Neck Diameter 3.5
Insertable 14

Need help picking the right size? If it's your first time using our toys we suggest starting with a size you know you'll be able to handle. Once you're familiar with our super flexible silicone, you'll be able to size up safely. Pay careful attention to the detailed size charts in both inches and cm to make sure that you are ordering a size that you will be happy with. For a slutty and informative write up of each Gape Keeper® size read our blog post! Remember to always play safely within your abilities so you can keep playing for years to come.

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Gape Keeper® 75
612 kr | Blue Steel

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Not sure which size is the perfect fit? Check out our detailed size guides for some hot and juicy descriptions of each toy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews

OMG!! I just received this today and oh my F<×!+? God I didn't think it was going to go in so easily. But when it was in I've never felt something so amazing! Definitely a very happy hole here. I can't wait to get more toys!


Surprisingly ergonomic and comfortable to keep in. Keeping my slutty hole well gaped

Absolutely wonderful!

The game changer that I needed. After ordering the Mare Maker 85 I realized that I needed something a tad smaller and so I ordered the Gape Keeper 75. The Mare Maker 85 fits perfectly but I can’t wear it for more than 5 minutes. I can plug in the Gape Keeper
75 and keep it in for hours at a time and it feels heavenly inside my bum! Looking forward to doing the same with my larger plug 😉.

Getting filled with this bad boy feels absolutely orgasmic!

So very grateful to Topped Toys for this marvel of silicone. The size and blubbery material make it a bit more of a challenge to insert than the GK65 (think of Mr. Incredible getting stuck going into the chute), but once my persistence is rewarded and I've managed to slide it in as deep as it'll go, that feeling of being stretched will have me moaning, panting, and screaming aloud in ecstasy! It's the perfect width and length, shorter than the Mare Maker 70, but wider, so it hits all the right spots without going in too deep. I'm working my way up to sleeping with this plug in, and of course, wondering what my next purchase from Topped Toys will be...

Fantastic plug

Purchased both this and the GK 85 as I work up to taking a fist. The material is firm but yielding and it feels fantastic filling me up as it slides inside. In the past I've used SquarePeg toys but I think I am convert to the Topped Toys plug-amatic universe. These are fantastic products and I guess I'll just need to keep buying bigger sizes!